This time we will write Easter eggs, expectations and considerations based on the trailer about Avenjaz’s third work “Infinity War” released on April 27, 2018!

important! ! About the main movie written after publication here


I will write discussions / forecasts. Moreover, it is also spoiled about the MCU up to now.


【Final Expectation】 “AVENGERS INFINITY WAR” 【Discussion】


This time it is PART 2!

Here is PART 1


【Forecast】 “Infinity War / Avengers (Title: AVENGERS INFINITY WAR)” 【Discussion】


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【Forecast】 “MCU Future and Phase 4” 【MARVEL】

【Periodic Forecast】AVENGERS INFINITY WAR & 4 【3rd and 4th Work】



I am referring to the following movie.


Easter egg reads from notice

Japanese version is below


Hulk to fall

This red one would be a falling blues banner.

It seems like how to shoot a rotating picture is a directing that uneasiness which was also “black panther”.

Or is it a production like the magic of “Doctor Strange” (haha)


It is a silver surfer that this is someone who falls into the house of Strange is the original.

It seems that you are looking at something in Wakanda country.

I see a banner firmly falling into the house of Doctor Strange (lol)


The purpose of THANOS

Only one goal I know is one

To annihilate half of the galaxy

If all “infinite stones”

Just by fingering if it crosses the hands of a guy makes it possible

This dialogue is super important ! ! !


https://longboxgraveyard.com/2012/06/20/53-infinity-gauntlet/Thanos & The Infinity Gauntlet | Longbox Graveyard

A finger patch is a technique that killed half of the universe as a gift to the god like THANOS death (not Thor’s elder sister Hera) itself in the original work.

インフィニティ・ガントレット – Wikipediaより


In other words, here, I clearly understood the big difference with the original, but I will write in the last one for details!


It seems to be a conversation between Gamora and Tony, but since the background of Tony side is obviously a strange house, Tony probably talks with Doctor Strange, Gamora talks with Guardians of Galaxy’s Ments + Thor Is not it?

Thanos ‘s helmet removal!

Wow that’s cool

It is only space stone yet at this time.


Hurry Spiderman

I am wearing those who are not iron spiders.

It will be a considerable emergency.

When suddenly coming out of the school bus like this, you can be a Spiderman with a single shot (laugh)

I wonder what it is ….



NEW Iron Man Suit

This round ship seems to be called “Q ship”.

It is Tony who follows the Q ship leaving NY.

Whether or not to leave NY is honestly subtle (laugh)

For some reason, this Tony’s suit is a NEW suit like I clarified, and this suit is using nanomachines and features that it can be transformed into various shapes.


I think that this suit technology is probably taught from Shuri of Wakanda after seeing “Black Panther”.

“Black Panther”

As a prior notice, Tony ‘s chest already has a design of NEW suit.

I will assume two.

  1. One scouting scene with a lot of aliens in Wakanda country time-sequentially after NY scene
  2. Shuri and Tony may have met at the academy, but that is hard to think

Therefore, when Shuri and Tony have a Q ship in NY, I do not have any acquainted knowledge, so Tony’s NEW Iron Man Suit is a technology I thought of Tony himself or an exchange with Tony and Wakanda nation that we do not know It is thought that it was there.



Two Infinity Stones

Use something that Thanos wants

Lure a person

From the story of the producer and this scene, you can see that the time stone and the mindstone are placed in the Kingdom of Wakanda and it is a strategy to make Thanos a lure .


Descend to Wakanda

Let’s organize the persons shown here.

captain America

I believe that the captain had been supporting the counter-terrorism organization, so that the government can not bear it after Sibyl War.

At the time of preliminary announcement 1, it was a scene to catch a spear from the dark and reunite with Wanda.

Entry to Wakanda in advance notice 2 is probably after this exchange.

I think that the reunion site of Captain and Wanda is Sokobia which is also the hometown of Wanda.

It is predictable that it is the captain who thought about taking Vision to Wakanda country, but as expected, the enemy came to Sotoboa where Wanda and Vision live, the captain helped, the state of Wakanda I think that it is the flow to decide to go to.



Falcon and Natasha

Two people who have become chased after by the government after “Civil War”.

These two people may cooperate with the captain, and they may do activities alone.



Scarlet Witch and Vision

As I wrote in the Captain section, Scarlet Witch is probably living in Socovia and based on “Spider-Man / Homecoming”, Vision is with Tony, but I occasionally go to see Scarlet Witch It is thought that.

Also pay attention to the fact that the forehead still contains mind stone.

Bruce · Banner

I was caught sanctuary Ⅱ at the end of “Ragnarok”.


【Discussion / Review】 “Mighty So Battle Royal (Original title: Thor Ragnarok)” 【impression · trivia】

Therefore it will be a sanctuary ➡NN➡ Wakanda country as a flow.


Rose (War Machine)

Ohhhhhhhhh ~~~

I thought that I will fix the spinal cord in Wakanda country, but it does not mean that I can walk at this point …


Looking closely there are things like Gibbs.

Is this what Tony developed?

It’s about Tony who does anything for my best friend, and perhaps it is.

The interesting thing is that this member came down from the ship together.

Where and how did they join?

Obviously, this member composition is Tony’s interference , so if you think so, you will be concerned with the interaction with the captain,



Is it a strategy meeting?

Since Vision’s body is made of Vibrranium, it is a field of specialty to Shri.



Descend to Noware

The place where the guardians of Galaxy came down probably seems to be “no ware” which appeared in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

My grandmaster’s younger brother, collector, has an ether which is one of the Infinity Stones that appeared in “Dark World”, so it probably came for it.


Are they similar? (Lol)

The exchange between Tony and Quill seems to be very interesting.

By the way, both Spider – Man and Quill ‘s first name are Peter (laugh)



Wakanda’s Decisive Battle

It is the people who flew away and ran away to Wakanda just before.

A melee fight while defending with the technology of Wakanda seems to have a piece in an instant.



These enemies are aliens called Outriders (Outride), which are infantry like the Thanos Army.


Bucky that appeared at the end of “Black Panther”.

Will you finally get settled with Tony and the captains?

I wonder why White Wolf and the reason why I was hungry?


It is told that this Hulk Buster is motionfully Hulk inside.

It is possible that Dr. Banner was making Hulk Buster even at the previous notice 1.




It seems like Thor is acting with rocket and Grout.

Is it a structural guardian’s ship? I do not understand the location at all.

It is amazing to be able to manipulate thunder with one hand.

It has grown completely from Ragnarok.


There was also a round design inside, so it will no doubt lead to a scene that triggers or stops any of the above devices where we are with rockets.


Titan stars

The Q ship is falling.

This planet is where Tony was at the time of advance notice 1.




Zander star

Nova army ship

Another floating object that appears to be slightly behind Tony.

Because this shape and the shapes of the Nova Army ‘s ship were similar, I expected Tony’ s planet to be a Zander star.

However, as for the producer, it was a Titan star, the hometown of Thanos.

Therefore, the suspicious matter reflected slightly was the building of the Titan star (lol)

The Titan star seems to have been destroyed.

For details, please visit the following site.


『アベンジャーズ/インフィニティ・ウォー』サノスの宇宙征服、その動機が明らかに ― 狂気が生まれた理由描く


In addition, Thanos seems to hit the moon of the Titan star to the Titan star! ! !

I am looking forward to this powerful picture.

Source is below


Check out these new images from @Avengers: #InfinityWar. Destiny arrives April 27th.

Marvel Studiosさん(@marvelstudios)がシェアした投稿 –


Memory of the past

It is a past flashback scene.

Is it the mother star of Gamora? Is there something that Thanos occupied the star and Gamora became an adopted lady?

I love this scene

Actually there are memories in Gamora when he was his father.





When it is the scene in advance notice 1, the scene here is applicable.

I thought the lower scene was Kamar · Taj, but after I saw “Ragnarok” I felt the Asgard people felt (lol)


In addition, it considers that Proxima is pointing a spear to Loki.

I anticipate these scenes.

  1. At the end of “Ragnarok” is attacked by sanctuary Ⅱ.
  2. Thanos threatens to give Loki a space stone stolen from Asgard.
  3. The angrily Thanos who refuse to refuse will kill the people of Asgard and further threaten Loki by gripping the head of sa.
  4. As a result, Loki gives out a space stone.

Is it like this?

What is worrisome is that you can not find Loki except in individual scenes.

Personally I handled a lot of betrayal of Loki and so many things, I thought that Loki was originally Sano’s side because I spelled a spear tip, so I think that maybe I was killed.



Beginning of the fight

The new weapon of the captain seems to be two shields made of Vibranium!

But at the end I think I will return to that round shield (lol)




It is the first time assisting Doctor Strange!

It seems that the camera work turns round and it seems to be a scene that sounds unexpectedly!

Is purple light a power stone attack by Thanos?



Infiniti stone robbed

It is Vision that Wanda of the first scene is watching.

Perhaps it is a scene where Vision Mindstone is stolen.

Next is the scene where the Doctor Strange is being tortured by Ebony Mau. It is probably an event in the Titan stars.

Looking closely, it is made of the power of the dark dimension that also appears in “Doctor Strange” that is stuck in the doctor strange.


That is, the enemy’s Ebony Mau is very likely to be a user of the Dark dimension.


Fierce fight

Hulk comes out from inside, it’s a hot expansion.


It is an editorial notice that it fires a fists in Titan star and leads to Wakanda.

In the confrontation with the captain, the power stone has already been put on and it shows a very interesting time series.

Steve Rogers who retires at Avengers 4.

What kind of activity will you show?




I am expecting very much because they are friendly with each other in the original work (lol)


Three teams

As you can see from the previous notice, this work can be divided into three teams.


  1. Wakanda country (captains)
  2. Titan stars (Iron Man and Doctor Strangers)
  3. Thor, Rocket and Groot

It seems that these three teams will collaborate and beat the Thanos.

Black Order will also go to various places and fight.

As a strategy, each team will get Infinity Stone ahead of THANOS and feel like protecting it.

Also, it is noteworthy that each team has skilled and skilled people. Shuri, Tony Stark, and rocket.




Black orders

SDCC 2017: Thanos’ Black Order Detailed


Black orders are executives who serve Thanos if they are the original.

Let’s introduce them.

The introduction is quoted from the following site.




Corvus Glaive

Thanos’ favorite first chosen among five. Brutal, arrogant, most faithful. Betraying his own ethnicity, obey Thanos.
Ability: strength, speed. Immortality as long as the different dimension sword it has in hand is not destroyed.

Proxima Midnight

The most brutal generals. It is a looter in every sense, the most powerful warrior in the Thanos army.
Ability: Melee combat. Throwing a spear turns into three black beams, never out.

Black dwarf

It is normal compared with other black orders. It is pretending to be satisfied, but its fruit, nihilist of nature.
Ability: power, durability

Super Giant

Biography unknown. Have multiple telepathic capabilities and absorb the intelligence of others. I constantly and mentally contact with Thanos.
Ability: Mental parasitism. Read and manipulate the spirit of others.

Probably not going to this work.


Ebony · Mau

It is neither a warrior nor a strategist, and it lurks a lie in places where I will go. It looks weakest among the five, but it is actually the most dangerous.
Ability: It is believed nothing. But everything about him is a lie.

He is manipulating Doctor Strange even in the original work.




Difference from the original

Only one goal I know is one

To annihilate half of the galaxy

If all “infinite stones”

Just by fingering if it crosses the hands of a guy makes it possible

It is the dialogue of Gamora.


https://longboxgraveyard.com/2012/06/20/53-infinity-gauntlet/Thanos & The Infinity Gauntlet | Longbox Graveyard

A finger patch is a technique that killed half of the universe as a gift to the god like Thanos death (not Thor’s elder sister Hera) itself in the original work.

インフィニティ・ガントレット – Wikipediaより


If it is an original

I want to kill a lot for the person called Death

With this work

I have to kill half for the balance of the universe

The detailed motivation is as follows.


“The most fearful things happen, the planet (Titan) and everyone there will be destroyed, he swears that we will never wake up again, and that this universe is going to destroy I think that it is to endlessly spreading life to destroy the universe and take away life. “

The quotation is the following site

『アベンジャーズ/インフィニティ・ウォー』サノスの宇宙征服、その動機が明らかに ― 狂気が生まれた理由描く


Oh! ! ! this! ! It is a motive similar to the anti-spiral of “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann”! ! ! !

For those of you who do not know, Rasubosu, an anime named Gurren Lagan, is an alien named Anti-Spiral, a person who dominated the space so that life would not overflow.

Indeed, it is true that the universe collapses when life is overflowing with the setting of Gurren Lagan, the motivation of the anti spiral was also convincing at first.

Motivation is exactly the same (laugh)

I love Gurren Lagan, but after all I finished defeating the anti-spiral eventually, I was surprised that I became obnoxious about the problem of life overflowing.

In this work Tanos is very intelligent and there are many things that can be sympathized.

If Thanos’ purpose is not wrong, I’m really looking forward to how Avengers will settle it.




As you can see from this movie, there is an easter egg that the initials of each Infinity Stone will be THANOS.

The last mindstone is

Adam Warlock (HIM) theory

Heimdal (HEIMDALL) theory

Black Panther’s herb (HERB) theory

There are, but it is interesting that the main character at MCU is playing each stone at the end of the video.


According to that rule, Soulstone is also convinced that it is Black Panther’s herb, but again I think that Tony Stark, an iron man, should take charge of MCU’s hero as a private person.

Therefore, I think that Seoul Stone is related to Tony’s father Howard Stark (Howard Stark).


It was Winter Soldier who killed Howard, and it caused Sybil War because of that.

Therefore, Howard’s story comes up again, I hope that the reconciliation between Captain and Ironman will be realized.

important! ! About the main movie written after publication here


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【Periodic Forecast】AVENGERS INFINITY WAR & 4 【3rd and 4th Work】


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