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【MCU Discussion, Commentary, and Review】Spider-Man: No Way Home)【Thoughts and Easter Eggs】

I will be writing about Spider-Man: No Way Home points, commentary, discussion, easter eggs, and even predictions for the future. In particular, I will explain the Sam Raimi version, the Amazing version, how it connects to Doctor Strange and the future MCU, and the final scene.

In this article, I will briefly write about my concerns and Easter eggs on my first viewing and discuss them.

Spoiler warning.

Check out the images below for my review of each episode!

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Recent Hobbies

I’ve recently started taking various pictures as a hobby. The camera is an Alpha 7iv, and I shoot in RAW and edit in Lightroom. This time I took a picture of Kichijoji.

Forecast article for this film

I even predicted it! I think I was pretty close to predicting the story line(?).


Ned’s Bogan

実はコIn Mick’s version, Ned was the third Hobgoblin, a copycat of the Green Goblin. So, as you can see in my prediction article, I predicted that the Sinister Six would appear in this movie and that the sixth villain would be the Hobgoblin after Ned went dark. After all, there were five villains in this movie, but no Sinister Six.

ちBy the way, when Ned picks up the bow gun in this episode, I thought, “Oh, so Ned is going to use the bow gun to shoot pumpkin bombs all over the place? I thought, “Oh, he’s going to use his bow gun to shoot pumpkin bombs?

Aunt May’s Death

Aunt May was killed by the Green Goblin, just like the Pumpkin Bomb and Happy’s expression in the preview. I was expecting it to be Ned from the Multiverse, but it wasn’t.

I never thought that Aunt May would give me the true meaning of the quote that makes Spider-Man Spider-Man: “With great power comes great responsibility…

Her scene was really sad. And the evil of the Green Goblin was really scary. However, I’m glad that her will to help people no matter who they are was passed on to her. Thanks to this, everyone was saved in the end. I hope they will reappear in the future!

Reconciliation with the Villains

I’m glad you were able to reconcile with each of the villains from Sam Raimi’s and Amazing’s versions, as shown below!

  1. The Amazing version of Electro reveals his admiration for Spider-Man and his superpowers, and the Amazing version of Peter follows up.
  2. Amazing version of Lizard -> Dr. Lizard himself is decent(?) So he is not depicted that much.
  3. Sam Raimi’s version of the Sandman -> The Sandman saw all the dead people like Doc Ock and Norman and thought he was destined to die too. But I’m glad that Sam Raimi’s version of Peter was able to follow him.
  4. I’m glad that Sam Raimi’s version of the Green Goblin -> Sam Raimi’s version of Peter forgave him properly. I think it reduced the feud.
  5. Sam Raimi’s version of Doctor Octopus -> I was most moved by the interaction with him. I don’t remember much about it, but I think it was an exchange between Peter and Doc Ock when they were business partners. It was very nice to see them return to that previous relationship. It was also a nice tribute to Doc Ock when he picked up the reactor and said “the power of the sun is in my hands” just like in Spider-Man 2.

MJ was just in time! Garfield’s face.

The scene where the Amazing version of Peter saves MJ really burned! And the fact that he looked like he was about to cry was also a great performance: !!!! I was really touched by that scene.

The scene where MJ falls in the trailer was reminiscent of the scene where Gwen is murdered in the Amazing version.

So all the fans, including me, were told that maybe the Amazing Peter would make an appearance here in the main story, and I couldn’t stop being excited when it really happened!

This movie was all about saving the characters from the past!

Spider-Gwen Live Action!

It’s a true rumor, but it looks like Emma Stone, who played the Amazing Gwen, is going to be Spider-Gwen! I hope it happens!

A shadow in the light of the multiverse.

There were some people in the light of the Multiverse who knew who Spider-Man was. The ones I was able to identify were Craven Hunter, Black Cat, Superior Spider-Man, Scorpion, Rhino, and Mysterio. Here is an introduction to these five characters.

Craven the Hunter

Here’s the setting for the comic. By the way, Craven has a standalone movie planned starring him! I’m looking forward to it!


Craven the Hunter is a character that appears mainly in Spider-Man type comics. He was a prominent hunter with experience in Africa, especially Kenya. He is the half-brother of the Villain Chameleon, whom Spider-Man first fought. He is obsessed with the idea of “hunting” Spider-Man. Also known as a member of the original Sinister Six.


He himself is a man who has trained himself to be able to kill ferocious beasts with his bare hands, but it is not enough to be considered a special ability. However, he uses an African secret medicine to enhance his physical abilities and senses. He has been taking this medicine for a long time, and it has prevented him from aging. He also uses another secret medicine as a paralyzing agent. He also excels in tracking and survival skills due to his experience as a hunter. He is also able to temporarily block the movement of his opponents by targeting their ganglia with a punch.

Black cat

The comic book setting is as follows. If you’ve played the PS4 version of the Spider-Man game, you’re probably familiar with it.うか!彼女も単体映画が予定されているみたいです!


Black Cat is a character that appears primarily in Spider-Man related comics. She is a sexy female thief who wears a costume like a black cat. She was Spider-Man’s girlfriend at one point. At first, she appears as a villain, but sometimes she cooperates with Spider-Man, sometimes she opposes him, and sometimes she goes her own way.

Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man is the name of the hero Octopus gave to Peter Parker when he took over his body after realizing that he was dying. As a result, Doc Ock is inspired by Peter’s spirit and returns his body to him, while his soul is extinguished. This story is very popular, so I hope they do a live-action version of it.



Formerly a private detective, he was asked to tail Peter by J. Jonah Jameson, editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, who was suspicious of Peter Parker’s ability to always take pictures of Spider-Man, but was unsuccessful. He was later introduced to Jameson and underwent human experimentation, resulting in him becoming a villain who uses the Scorpion suit to target Spider-Man.

The Scorpion was briefly seen at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and was said to be the villain of the second and third Spider-Man movies, but so far we haven’t heard from him.



And there was Rhino! He was in the last part of Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the Amazing version of Peter was talking funny in this movie. Perhaps it’s another dimension of Rhino.


ムービー・マスターピース】『スパイダーマン:ファー・フロム・ホーム』1/6スケールフィギュア ミステリオ | トイサピエンス

What a surprise, Mysterio was in the picture too! I have a feeling that the Mysterio on the screen is a genuine magic-using Mysterio with no tricks!

Norman’s wickedness.

Norman’s wickedness was really bad in this movie. The resurrection of past characters usually lowers his stock, but in this film, I was rather impressed by his evilness. I was horrified when he mercilessly killed Aunt May and stabbed Sam Raimi’s Peter from behind. I hope to see Willem Defoe’s Norman Osborn in some form in the future!


There were a few of Peter’s classmates here and there! First up was Flash Thompson! At first he was surprised to find out that Spider-Man was really Peter, but he showed his typical side by criticizing Peter’s best friend status.

Betty Brant was in it too! She’s appearing on the Daily Bugle for free…. Boo, black lol!

Flash point

Peter’s friend(?) Flash Thompson wrote a book titled Flash Point, right! That Flashpoint is the title of a very famous story in DC Comics, known for Superman and Batman. And that story hints at the future of this film.

The synopsis is as follows. To summarize, Barry Allen, aka the Flash, is a hero who can travel at super-speed, and in order to save his mother, he rewrites the past and messes up the present. In the end, the Flash himself interferes with his own past alteration and returns to his original state, but at the cost of a world slightly different from the original timeline.

One day, Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, wakes up at the police station in Central City where he works. When he hears the news of the incident, he starts running as usual, but for some reason he can’t be the Flash and falls down the stairs. When he raises his head, he finds his mother, who was supposed to be dead. Thinking that the world he’s in is some kind of parallel universe, Barry goes to Wayne Manor to ask for Batman, who is also in this world, and realizes that this world is his own. With Batman’s help, Barry regains his powers and begins his fight to restore the world.

Isn’t this the main story of the film itself, where the world is altered by your actions and you ultimately take responsibility? Well, it’s really nice with the detailed direction!

Future sequels

It was rumored that Far From Home would be Tom Holland’s last film as Spider-Man. It was rumored to be.What a new trilogy they’re making! Yay!

What I personally would like to see addressed in the sequel is the following.

  • Will I stay away from college?
  • Will he regain the memories of his girlfriend MJ and his best friend Ned?
  • Will he rejoin the Avengers?
  • I want him to fight the Sinister Six and Venom!
  • The Spider-Verse!
  • A sequel to Sam Raimi’s or Amazing’s version

Especially when it comes to how to get the memories back, either by having them returned by observers like Loki in the near outer reaches of the multiverse, or by having them returned by Doctor Strange’s magic as he did when he erased them. Or, as in the comics, Mephistopheles…

Miles Morales appeared.

Marvel Monograph: The Art of Sara Pichelli screenshots, images and pictures  - Comic Vine

I think the fourth Spider-Man movie will feature Miles Morales! First of all, in the MCU these days, multiple heroes often fight together as a tag team. So Peter’s sidekick will be needed. The second reason is that Peter will be able to meet MJ and Ned when he goes to MIT, so I think Miles Morales will stay in New York and Peter will go to MIT in the next movie!

By the way, it has been smelled that there is a Miles in the MCU. The proof of this is the above scene in Homecoming, and to my surprise, he is Miles’ uncle! He is Miles’ uncle, and since he says that he has a nephew in the MCU, we can be sure that Miles is in this world.

End Credits Venom Residue

Venom and Eddie Brock came to the MCU at the end of this movie “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and left a part of Symbiote in the MCU lol. What the hell are you doing? LOL!

So I wonder if the fourth Spider-Man movie will be a battle against this symbiote.

The best of the three Spider-Men: !!!!

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Avengers
THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN  Andrew Garfield as SpiderMan 2012.

I seriously didn’t expect Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to show up! That scene made me cry! I cried at that scene! There was a lot of surprise and joy in the movie theater.

The scene where the MCU version of Peter is exhausted after losing Aunt May, and the other Peter tells him that they lost many things too, but they still continue to be heroes, and that in any world there is a saying “with great power comes great responsibility” was very good!

The other thing that made me laugh was this parody of the “who are you?” scene between Spider-Man.

Editing errors in the trailer

Only in the trailer for the Brazilian version was there a scene where the Lizard at the bottom gets punched by someone! Just to answer your question, this was the other Amazing version of Spider-Man getting punched! It’s great!

A bitter end that everyone will forget.

The last part of this movie is similar to the comic book “One More Day” and the DC comic “Flash Point”, where the main character, Peter, takes responsibility for the end. His way of taking responsibility was to “make everyone forget Peter Parker”. As a result, Peter is alone in the world.。

In addition, MJ, Ned, Flash, etc. are all going away to college. It would have been nice if he could have negotiated with the bigwigs at MIT so that they would forget him but he could still go to MIT, but I guess it’s a bit meta, but Spider-Man = Peter Parker can’t leave New York.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what happens after the next one. I’d love to see a happy ending!

Sam Raimi’s Version and the Amazing Version Today

We only have information from the conversations in the movie, but it seems that both Sam Raimi and Amazing versions of Spider-Man continue to play Spider-Man, and although Sam Raimi’s version doesn’t seem to be married to MJ, they seem to have a good relationship. Unfortunately, the Amazing version doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend yet… I hope Spider-Gwen gets a live-action version and gets together with him… By the way, both series don’t seem to have any Avengers.

Last New Suit

At the end of this movie, you saw the unveiling of Spider-Man’s new suit! I found a similar suit in the PS4 game “Marvel’s Spider-man” called the Spider Armor MK IV suit version, so I’ll post it here. In that world, I don’t think you can use Tony’s legacy anymore, but I wonder how they made it and what other features it has?

Farewell to MJ

As I wrote in the forecast article, this scene in the preview was the farewell scene between MJ and Peter… It was very good… But why did Peter leave from there? I thought he could have stayed there.


Peter’s lawyer was seriously Mad Murdoch, aka Daredevil!

It looks like Peter was able to clear up the misunderstanding thanks to him! That’s what I call an astute lawyer! And now that Hawkeye has a kingpin, maybe we’ll see another battle between them!

Why the hostility? Because I don’t know if I’m going to die.

The Sandman in particular, the villain who was not a complete villain in the original movie, has become a clear antagonist in this movie. The reason for this, I think, can be seen from their point of view. From their point of view, there were people who were supposed to be dead, such as Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin, so they became suspicious that they too might die if they were sent back to their original world, and turned against them in order to survive.

There is no Osborn Corporation.

Well, it looks like the MCU doesn’t have an Osborn Corporation…! So it looks like we won’t be seeing any Dark Avengers in the MCU with all the villains that are currently being added? Maybe? Or will there be an Osborn Corporation? I hope so, since OsCorp is so famous when it comes to Spider-Man!

The Dark Avengers, by the way, is a team made up entirely of former villains. Some of their members have already appeared in the MCU, such as U.S. Agents in Falcon & Winter Soldier and Taskmaster. Is that a bit naive?

At the conclusion of the crossover Secret Invasion, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, lost the trust of the government and was removed from his position as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. In his place was Norman Osborn, who had murdered the Queen of the Skrulls. In his place was Norman Osborn, the man who murdered the Queen of the Skrulls. At the time, the Avengers (the Mighty Avengers made up entirely of heroes registered under the Superhuman Registration Act) were funded by S.H.I.E.L.D., so Osborn, who had taken control of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s experiments, was effectively in charge. Therefore, Osborn changed S.H.I.E.L.D. to H.A.M.M.E.R., and decided to rebuild the Avengers with only those who were loyal to him. Thus, the Dark Avengers were formed. However, “Dark” is only the title of the comic book, and Norman Osborn himself calls them the regular “Avengers”. The members of the Dark Avengers are similar to those of the previous Avengers, and their code names are similar to those of the previous Avengers, but many of them are former villains.

Post-credit scene, beautiful baton touch

The post-credits scene for this film was a preview of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness! What a surprise, the director of this film is Sam Raimi, so the latest Spider-Man film is a baton pass to the man who directed the original Spider-Man! Hot!

I’ll have a separate post up with some thoughts/explanations on this preview!