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[MCU Commentary Discussion and Review] “Eternals” [Impressions, Easter Eggs]

I will be writing about the points of interest, commentary, discussion, easter eggs, and even predictions for the future in the latest MCU film, Eternals (Eternals). In particular, I’ll be discussing and explaining the relationship between Thanos, Eros (Star Fox) and the Eternals, as well as the Celestials and Black Knight!

Spoiler warning.

Check out the images below for reviews of every episode of What If that aired last time!

What If Each Episode Review


It’s pretty coherent.

I was worried because this is the first Eternals movie and the scale of the Eternals and Celestials is quite large, but you did a great job of putting together such a complex and large scale story! Also, the action of each hero was really cool! Also, the visuals for the Celestials were super cool!

The attachment to each character was wonderfully evocative, and the death of Gilgamesh and the betrayal of Icarus and the sprites was amazing! The last scene, where Icarus jumps into the sun as the legend says, was epic.

Differences from comics

The Eternals in the comics are shown in the video above, but it seems that they were created for the humans in the comics as well, and in despair, some of the Eternals fell out with each other or committed suicide, and eventually all of them died. However, since Eternals are immortal, it seems that they were reborn and came back to life. So it seems that the Eternals who died may be resurrected in the future MUC like in the comics.

Threat of the Celestials

At the end of the movie, Alishem of the Celestials declares that he will judge whether the human race should be destroyed or survive, and takes the surviving Eternals away. Will he take away their memories as well? I’m worried about that.

The next Judgment of the Celestials is going to be a story of a great gathering of heroes following Khan.

Scaling up the MCU

The Celestials went somewhere far away, the Eternals, Makkali, Druig and Senna went into space to tell the truth to the other Eternals, and the other surviving members were taken away by Alchems as mentioned above.

So the balance of power in the MCU will remain the same, which I thought was a pretty good way to end it. I think it’s a pretty good way to end the game. I’m sure they’ll come back when more heroes other than the Eternals come in and became stronger.

Considerations/Easter Eggs


In the comics

In the MCU we call it Celestial.

A mysterious, gigantic, humanoid space race (I’m not even sure if the concept of race applies to them in the first place). It is as big as a small mountain. It varies greatly from individual to individual, but it is said to be over 600 meters tall, larger than Galactus. To use an analogy, the Nowhere, which is in the shape of a giant human head, is actually the remnant of a Celestial’s head, and people and other creatures have come to live there. On Earth, they come down from space wearing armor, but the meaning of the armor is also unknown. According to Nathaniel Richards (father of Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic), the armor is necessary for the Celestials to exist in this dimension. It seems to interfere with the evolution of intelligent species, and is known to have created the Eternals and Deviants from humans.

Basically, the setting is the same in both the comic and MCU versions. But the setting and the visuals are as good as Jack Kirby’s! So cool!

In the MCU

You were also in the first movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Other than that, the corpse of the Celestials has become KNOWHERE from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

In addition, Quill’s father Ego from the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie was also a Celestial.

Visually, they’re different from the Celestials from the Eternals, but I hope there’s an explanation for these in the future!

The Celestials in this game are apparently led by a red Celestial named Arshem. Ecology is born once in a billion years on a planet with a lot of intelligent life, and then the planet is destroyed, so of course the life forms living there become extinct.

It seems that the Celestials also create galaxies and are in charge of the circulation of the universe. In the movie, Icarus thought that for the sake of the circulation of the universe, there was no choice but to have a big reverse harvest.


The Celestial that was about to be born on Earth was named Tiamat, right?

Marble by Cerci? I’m not sure I understand it, but in the story, Tiamat also gave power to the Eternals. I’m not sure how I understand it, but in the story, Tiamat also gave power to the Eternals, right? Is he actually a very good guy?


In the comics

A race created by the Celestials who came to Earth a million years ago through genetic engineering experiments on apes. The Diviants and humans were created at the same time. Its scientific name is “Homo immortalis”. They have immortal bodies and can control cosmic power. Many of them have names and characteristics similar to mythological gods, and were often misidentified by humans. In the solar system, in addition to the Eternals of Earth, there are Eternals on Uranus and Titan, and Thanos and Starfox are the Eternals of Titan. Thanos and Starfox are Eternals of Titan. There are also Eternals of the Kree and other planets.

In the comics, Thanos seems to be a descendant of them. I’ll talk about that later in this article.

There have been groups like this before, so I’m curious to see how Marvel will differentiate themselves.

In the MCU

To my surprise, the Eternals were not an immortal race from Olympia, but androids created by the Celestials…! The purpose of their creation was to hunt the Diviants, who had evolved to prey on intelligent life. The purpose of their creation was to hunt the Diviants, who had evolved to prey on intelligent life, and they were created as non-evolving androids because they would become untouchable once they evolved.

However, it seems that it is possible to become human with uni-mind power like a sprite.


The uni-mind in the comics is said to be used as an energy body to study other beings and to save others.

In the MCU, it’s about creating massive amounts of energy? It seems to be.


A species created by the Celestials a million years ago by manipulating the genes of apes. Its scientific name is “Homo descendus”. It has unstable genes, and its shape repeatedly mutates, giving it a monstrous appearance. It is said to have been the basis of the legend of the demon. It once enslaved humanity and established a stronghold on the continent of Lemuria, and ruled almost the entire earth except for the continent of Atlantis. However, it was defeated in a battle against the Celestials, and Lemuria collapsed. It has been hiding deep underground.

In the comics, the Diviants are a clever species, but a human-based monster with unstable genes is not a good subject for today’s values.

In the MCU, the Celestials created the creatures to prey on predators that target intelligent life in order to increase the amount of intelligent life. However, the Celestials also had a miscalculation: they evolved. As a result, the Celestials created the Eternals when they became uncontrollable due to evolution. It’s a pretty good arrangement of the setting from the comics.

Relationship between Thanos and the Eternals

In the comics, Thanos’ grandfather Kronos is an Eternal, and his son Mentor is also an Eternal. And Mentor had a son with Thanos and Eros (Star Fox). However, Thanos had a disease called Diviants Syndrome, which disfigured his appearance.

So Thanos has purple skin and Starfox looks like a human.

Children in the Eternals?

Since the Eternals are like androids, it is doubtful that they have reproductive capabilities. However, since Eros (Star Fox) appeared in this episode, we can be sure that Thanos and the others are the household of the Eternals. Furthermore, Star Fox’s clothes were exactly like the Eternals themselves.

So how did they have a child, is it the Quantum Band like in the comics? Or maybe quit the Eternals with a uni-mind?

Eternals timeline

As you can see from the production, it was after the end game.

From what I’ve seen on other online news, it’s almost the same as Spider-Man No Way Home (NWH).

The world of the MCU is going to change a lot before and after the appearance of Tiamat’s corpse. The corpse of Tiamat may even give us new technology…

During the mid-credits scene, I didn’t expect…

Thanos’ brother Eros.

What a surprise, Thanos’ brother Eros (Star Fox) is here!

The setting in the comic is as follows.

The son of Eternals Mentor (Arath) from Earth and Eternals Suisan from Titan, a satellite of Saturn, and younger brother of Thanos. He is a hero who once belonged to the Avengers. His original name was Eron, but was changed to Eros due to his interest in the opposite sex at the age of five. Unlike his brother, he is uninhibited, hedonistic, and a womanizer. Although he has a different ideology, he has no hatred or desire to kill his brother.

On the contrary, she is the only relative of Thanos who is related to him in any way. He lost his mother when Thanos attacked Titan, and later fought Thanos with his best friend, the first Captain Marvel. After that, he left Titan and wandered around, but when Captain Marvel was dying of cancer, he returned to Titan and was entrusted with the care of his lover, the artificial Eternals Elysius, and his son, Genis Ver. However, Elysius sensed that he was losing his patience due to his weather-beaten nature, and with her permission, he set out on his journey again. After having Titan’s supercomputer, Isaac, perform calculations on him, he was chosen as a suitable place for adventure and joined the Avengers. When he joined the Avengers, he was given the code name “Star Fox” by Wasp (Jean) because his real name “Eros” was not good enough.

It’s only been a few minutes, but his personality is just like the comic.

His ability is to charm people just like in the comics, right? I can’t wait to see how he’ll be involved in the future!

Post-credit scene

Black Knight

Looks like Cerci’s boyfriend, Dane Whitman, will be a Black Knight just like in the comics!

I love how MCU Phase 4 just keeps adding more and more heroes from a wide variety of Marvel Comics! The way the world is expanding is so fast!

In the comics, it looks like there are three Black Knights.

The first generation was a villain as you can see in the first video below and the second generation was a villain as you can see in the second video. And the third generation took over from his uncle, the second generation. But the third generation looks like a hero!

Dane’s relationship with his uncle doesn’t seem to be going well in this Eternals. Based on the setting of the comics, it seems that his uncle is the second Black Knight and a bad guy, and Dane is going to be the third Black Knight and a hero! It’ll be interesting to see if this is a movie or a Disney plus drama like Moon Knight!

Future Developments


Now that the Celestials are out, I still hope Galactus is out too!

A planetary predator, also known as “Galactus the devourer” (Galactus the devourer). Constantly moving through space, he absorbs the energy of planets to satisfy his hunger. It is a cosmic calamity that is beyond the control of the planet it is targeting. They are said to be armor-clad giants, survivors of a universe before the Big Bang, and older than time. It is said to be a survivor of the universe before the Big Bang, an existence older than time, etc. The planet attacked is destroyed, but it is said to be an existence that transcends good and evil and is necessary to maintain the balance of the universe.

In this way, Galactus is a predator that keeps the universe in balance.

I think one of the themes of the MCU will be how to deal with the increasing number of Celestials and how to handle circulation.

Thanos’ true purpose.

When you finish watching the Eternals, you’ll see that Thanos’ finger-pinching was indirectly preventing the birth of the Celestials.