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[Massive in-depth commentary, including the last one] “Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness” [Discussion, Easter Eggs].

I will write about the MOM points, commentary, discussion, easter eggs, and further future predictions for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness). Especially the last scene, future predictions, the Illuminati, and much more!

In this article, I will write a brief description and discussion of the Easter eggs that caught my attention during my first viewing.

Spoiler Warning.

Check out the images below for a review of each episode!


Read more about Spider-Man here!


I have recently started taking a lot of pictures as a hobby. I use an α7iv camera and shoot in RAW and edit in Lightroom.

This time I took this picture in Hakone.


Shocking Worldview

Wanda is the main villain! And she probably died in the end! The MCU has a lot of assets from the past and future, but to be able to handle Wanda and the Illuminati, who are also very important characters in the original story, in this way was quite a luxury. It was great. The pacing was great and easy to watch!

And I liked your multiverse worldview! It’s really anything and everything lol. I’d love to see a show where you wander around and travel to different worlds lol.

The setting that a person’s dream is another version of himself in a multiverse is super important!ね!

The last three-eyed Strange made me laugh.

Sam Raimi’s style

Sam Raimi is the director of the Spider-Man trilogy and the Ghosts of Death! I think the director definitely wanted to make it more gruesome and scary, but I think there might have been an age limit or something. I’m sure the director wanted to make it more grotesque and horrifying, but I think there are age restrictions or something that would have stopped him.

The director’s specialty is zombies! I never thought that Doctor Strange’s corpse in the beginning would be the trump card.

I’m glad you brought a style to the show that we haven’t seen before!

Growing up Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has grown up quite a bit. I never thought he would change from being the type to hold the scalpel by himself. Personally, I liked his encounters with Tony, Peter, America, Christine, and Wong. His confession to Christine was also passionate. I’m glad that Christine from Earth 838 helped Strange blow her out of the water, and fixing the clock was a good way to heal his heart.

And your friendship with Wong at the end was great! cry

Last I heard Doctor Strange is coming back! I’m really looking forward to Doctor Strange 3!


Grounding 616 and grounding 838

If I remember correctly, this work gave us our first official multiverse world number!We have been on the Sacred Time Line, we have seen Earth 616, and the world where the Illuminati were was Earth 838!

The numbering of this world has been done in the comics, and the canonical history in the comics was 616. Interestingly, Mysterio in the live-action movie Spider-Man: Far From Home was also a liar, but he said that this world was Earth 616 and that he came from Earth 833. Maybe he was real after all? (kidding)

Is Wanda dead? (Earth 616)

In the last part of this work, Wanda destroyed the Temple of Mount Wandagore to destroy the Darkhold and was buried in the rubble. Wanda killed quite a lot of people in this film, and it is very possible that she died in that one, because it is a bit too much of a crime to return to being a hero. But there is a very good chance that she is actually alive and will save us someday.

And there is still the problem of White Vision, etc.

America Chavez

In this work, there are no mutants in the Multiverse, but a species that can move through the Multiverse? Or were you portrayed as an individual! He was a very nice boy. In the comic, the setting is as follows.

She is from an alternate dimension called Utopia Parallel, and in addition to her Superman-like abilities (flight + super strength), she is capable of inter-dimensional travel (kicking through space, breaking through dimensional barriers, and moving from there). She is a “tough-talking, hard-punching” woman with a “strong mouth and strong punches”.

The source of the ability is believed to be the power of a deity named Demiage (conceptually a lower deity, but similar to God Almighty) of the Utopian Parallel.


Flight Superhuman physical abilities (muscular strength, endurance) Ability to move between dimensions, body able to withstand inter-dimensional movement: punching and kicking through space when opening “doors” to other dimensions. Once the interdimensional door is opened, even others can pass through the other dimension and exit through the exit.


Homosexual. Coming from a women-only world, I wonder if I am really a “sexual minority”.

Even in the MCU, her hometown seemed to be a women-only world. I hope Spiderman’s Ned will also aspire to be a magician and become friends with America or something.

Christine Palmer (Earth 616 and Earth 838)

Original character with no one in the comic with the same name! I never thought I would marry someone else……………………… I cried.

Earth 616 also cared about Strange and told him why she didn’t love him. 838 Christine couldn’t be with him, but it was a chance to get her feelings straightened out.

dark hold

The Darkhold that appeared in Agents of SHIELD and Wandervision was the main item in this one! The author of this book was never mentioned before, but now we finally find out in this one!And this book is a manuscript, the original was in the Temple of Mount Wandagore! In the end, the dark hold of the entire universe was destroyed by Wanda in this film, but there is still a lot to talk about, such as Doctor Strange becoming the third eye!

Dreamwalker was also quite easy to use.

Kutoon, God of Chaos

Will we see Cthon now that his name has been mentioned in this work? It would be interesting if that third eye was evidence of Kutone’s control.

To begin with, Ktoon, the god of chaos in the comics, is a character closely connected to Wanda. In the comics, Wanda’s mother was originally a witch and she inherited her power. In addition, she is blessed by Ktoon, the god of chaos, and given tremendous power (chaos magic).

I also recommend the following website, which describes Kutone in great detail.


I hope Kutoon will come out too, since many gods have appeared recently in Moon Knight, Shan Chi, and Eternals.

The Book of Vishanti

ダークホールドの対局に位置するヴィシャンティの書! 作者はどなたなんでしょうね? 偉大なソーサラー・スプリームのオー・ベンとか?

小ネタですがヴィシャンティはWhat if第4話でウォンがストレンジに保護呪文をかける際に出てきてました!

Illuminati (Earth 838)

Finally we have the group Illuminati, a very important group in the comics! In the comics, each member kept their own Infinity Stones, they made super important decisions alone, etc. In the MCU, I thought it was an organization that managed the multiverse, but it was a bit different lol. It kind of reminded me of X-Force from Deadpool 2 lol.

And they all die…. LOL!

I present to you the MCU version of Earth 838’s Illuminati!

Professor X

It’s that X-Men guy, Charles Xavier! That was a terrific touch that Doctor Strange approved of!

Captain Carter.

She seems to be an even more different mutant than the one in the what if! I can’t believe she was cut in half by Wanda.

Monica’s version of Captain Marvel

There were rumors that it might be Iron Lad, but I didn’t realize it was Monica’s version of Captain Marvel lol.

Black volt

His real name is Blackadder Portagon. He is the leader of a so-called superhuman group called the Inhumans. The destructive power of his voice is tremendous, but I was surprised that his head explodes when his mouth is covered.


Another earthly mord appeared! He was still a nasty guy, wasn’t he? By the way, behind him is Ultron from another earth.

Mr Fantastic

I was wondering if Mr. Fantastic was the same Joan Griffiths who played Mr. Fantastic at the time, but it turned out to be the following John Burke Krasinski! I thought it was Joan Griffiths who played Mr. Fantastic at the time, but it turned out to be John Burke Krasinski (below)!

The purple woman in the post-credits is Claire.

The woman in the post credits seems to be a character named Claire, played by Will Charlize (Will Charlize). In the comics she is married to Doctor Strange!

In the comics, Claire’s mother Umar is a twin of Dormammu, the master of the Dark Dimension. In other words, she is Dolmamu’s niece.

The destination that Claire cut through space in the post-credit scene of this film was clearly the Dark Dimension from the first Dr. Strange film! So the possibility of Claire seems soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo high!

What’s Next? Why was the incursion triggered?

I’m sorry if I’m misremembering, but I think I saw people running around in the post credits. So I think there is an Avengers series level world crisis going on in that world. Looking at the upcoming MCU releases, I don’t see an Avengers 6 movie, so it looks like the Doctor Strange storyline will have to wait a long time. The word on the street is that it may be Secret Wars, which is a very big story about the disappearance of the Multiverse, but personally, I’m wondering if we’ll get deeper into the Multiverse and each of the films.

The end credits are a parody of the Guts of the Dead

The man selling those pizza balls was Bruce Campbell, who starred in director Sam Raimi’s super classic, “The Guts of the Dead!”

And it seems that As’s beating himself up was a parody of that! I’ll have to check out the Gut of the Dead!

Junction of the Universe (Gap Injection)

It looks like the place where that Book of Vishanti was located is called Gap Injection! It could be the TVA from Drama Loki or something like that, but it doesn’t seem to be in Gap Injection, which seems to uniquely exist, since the TVA was in another universe of TVAs!

I wondered if the place where the Witcher was in What if was a gap injection or something lol.

Dr. Strange and his friends.

There were all sorts of Doctor Stranges in this film! In addition to the above, there was Doctor Strange who was killed (near-suicide) by Black Bolt after he became enchanted by the Darkhold of Earth-838! With the exception of our own Earth-616 Doctor Strange, all of the other Doctor Strange’s were arrogant and would not rely on his companions to take the scalpel to him when the situation called for it.

Is the third Doctor Strange a different Doctor Strange than the one he lost to? Or that his own universe collapsed because he was defeated by that Doctor Strange?

I had no idea that this very villainous looking Doctor Strange would be the trump card for Earth 616.

What’s the third eye?

This is not the first time Doctor Strange has had three eyes, apparently he has had them in the comics as well. I didn’t know how it happened for a bit. In this film, it seems to be for things that break the rules of the dark hold. So is it a Ktone eye or something else?


Incursion is a multiverse law in which the multiverse are attracted to each other and one or both universes disappear.

It seems like the cause of the incursion is when people from other multiverses come to the multiverse. Does this mean that Spider-Man/No Way Home was pretty bad? I’d like to understand this area in the future.

Bombgallias fire bucket

The Bomgarious fire bucket that Christine used to defeat the demons came up as the weapon she used on Cassius in the first Dr. Strange movie!

Evil Spirits

Those evil spirits coming out of the dark hold were so cool! When they started talking to me, I thought, “Is this Mephistopheles? I thought, “Is this Mephistopheles?

It would be great to know who those evil spirits are and more in the future!

The Minotaur has a name: Lintra.

The sorcerer with the head of a cow and the body of a man who appears frequently in this work is called Lintra. In the comics, there is a profound setting as follows, but it is probably only an easter egg in the MCU


You saw the statue of the Living Tribunal in the scene of America Chavez and Dr. Strange moving through the Multiverse! The Living Tribunal is a kind of cosmic mediator with three faces, as shown below.


The Living Tribunal is empowered by the One-Above-All Almighty Being from the canonical world (Earth 616) to protect and maintain the harmony of the branch universes (What If, etc.), pocket universes (Earth X, etc.), the entire multiverse and all past, future, real and parallel worlds.

The Living Tribunal appears on Earth when necessary to monitor the actions of other cosmic beings or to determine if they affect the universe as a whole and pass judgment.


For the sake of convenience, the Living Tribunal manifests as a human-like figure with three faces. Only one of the faces is fully visible, the second is partially visible, and the remaining one is completely hidden by a cloth; each of the three faces represents fairness, necessity, and revenge.

Power and Capability

The Living Tribunal has unlimited Cosmic Power, is omniscient, and has absolute authority over the Marvel Universe, second only to the One-Above-All. If it wanted to, it could have enough power to annihilate the entire multiverse in an instant.

Sand of Sun City

I see you got the Sun City sand that can contain sorcery! I didn’t know there was such a thing.

Sam Raimi’s typical direction

There were many classic cinematic effects in this film! For example, as shown below, there was the circular iris-out around the subject of interest, the zooming in on the subject of interest, the various people overlapping each other in a semi-transparent way to move the story forward, etc.! It’s all very tasteful!

Mold (Earth 616)

I can’t believe that Earth 616’s Mordo, who keeps hunting people who don’t handle magic properly, won’t make an appearance……………….. I’m looking forward to Doctor Strange 3!


I thought Nightmare, the ruler of the dream world, would be the rathbone of this work, but that wasn’t the case. If Wanda was not the mastermind, I think it was possible to make Nightmare the mastermind. I would like to introduce Nightmare in case you are interested.

The one-eyed octopus monster, Gargantus.

Wanda’s messenger in this film was a monster called Gargantus. He was so cute.

Gargantos is another one-eyed giant octopus-like creature that appeared in Sub-Mariner Vol 1 #13 in 1969. It is a little-known character, appearing only twice in Sub-Mariner magazine. There is almost no information about it.

The creature in the “Multiverse of Madness” trailer clearly looks like a Shmagoras, but there must be a reason why the name Gargantus is used. It could be for rights reasons, or it could be a reason connected to a future storyline. Incidentally, the comic “Sub-Mariner,” in which Gargantos appeared only briefly, is, as the name implies, a stand-alone series by Neymour the Sub-Mariner. He seems to appear as a messenger of Neymour’s nemesis Naga.