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[MCU Discussion & Prediction] Spider-Man: No Way Home [11/17 Trailer 2, Easter Egg]

Hello! This time I’ll be writing about the points, commentary, discussion, easter eggs, and even predictions for the future of the latest trailer for the MCU’s Spider-Man: No Way Home (Spider-Man: No Way Home), which was released on 21/11/17. In particular, I’ll be discussing and explaining the connections between the Sam Raimi version, the Amazing version, the Hobgoblin, Doctor Octopus, and the Sinister Six!

Here’s my review of Eternals is here.

prerequisite knowledge

[Prerequisites] The three Spider-Men.

There are currently three live-action adaptations of Spider-Man.

The first is the MCU version played by Tom Holland, who you may know.

The second is the so-called Sam Raimi version, played by Tobey Maguire.

The third one is the Amazing version played by Andrew Garfield.

It is worth noting that in the second Amazing version, Peter’s girlfriend, Gwen, is killed by the Green Goblin.

Doctor Octopus timeline.

The Doc Ock who appears in this movie is said to be after Spider-Man 2, although this is not true. So he’s not a villain, but a hero who has come to his senses.

Points of interest in this work

Tom Holland’s Retirement

In case you missed it, Tom Holland’s contract expires after the third Spider-Man movie in the MCU. It will be interesting to see how they get Tom Holland out of the MCU. There is a good chance that his contract will be renewed immediately, but No Way Home will be the end of the line for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Tom Holland to SSU?

It seems that Tom Holland and his friends will be joining the SSU (Sony’s Spiderman Universe), formerly known as the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC), where the Venom series and Moebius belong. So what’s the deal? So what’s with the contract expiration? LOL. Maybe Spider-Man, not Tom Holland, will be joining them. I’m looking forward to it!

Handling the Multiverse

We can finally see a collaboration between the multiverse in this game.

It’s very interesting to see how the weight of the multiverse will be preserved, because if we introduce the multiverse, people’s lives and deaths may become lighter.

How it connects to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Obviously, Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to be directly connected to the second Doctor Strange movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which will be released in 2022, so I’m curious to see how it connects.

Sinister Six.

The villains we know of now are

  1. Amazing version of Electro (the blue lightning bolt in the previous real car, but the yellow one is a mystery)
  2. Amazing version of Lizard
  3. Sam Raimi’s version of Sandman
  4. Sam Raimi’s version of the Green Goblin
  5. Sam Raimi’s version of Doctor Octopus

That’s right. And the Sinister Six…

A six-member villain team made up of Spider-Man’s enemies from 1964. The team has been formed several times, changing members several times. There are also derivative teams such as Sinister Seven and Sinister Twelve.

The Sinister Six are the most famous villain team in Spider-Man. And with five villains this time, the Sinister Six is sure to be formed. Doc Ock is supposed to be on the side of justice, as mentioned above, but… It’s a mystery.

What I want to focus on here is who is the sixth person? And what is their purpose?

Who’s the sixth member of the Sinister Six?


Actually, in the comic book version, Ned was the third Hobgoblin, a copycat of the Green Goblin.

→In the new poster, the guy in the hood is William Defoe, who was in the Sam Raimi version.

So who is the sixth person? Will there still be a hobgoblin? If so, will the hobgoblin be Ned from another universe… or…

In particular, I think that this person who appears for a moment in the trailer may be Ned-Hobgoblin.

Is the hobgoblin Ned from another verse, or… or…?


Other than that, it is said that the green syringe-like object that Aunt May is carrying may be the enhancement potion that turns her into the famous goblin in Sam Raimi’s version! But why is May… why is she involved in the appearance of the hobgoblin?


Maybe Doctor Strange’s screw-up will bring him back.


He escaped from prison and became a member of the Sinister Six, but he was caught this time, and maybe he’ll show up in the movie Moebius.

One More Day and Mephisto

No Way Home is likely to be based on One More Day, the comic book version of Spider-Man that changed the way he sees the world.

He’s a villain from a comic called Ghost Rider. He also has a history with Wanda and Doctor Strange. And as a demon, he has a deep connection with Spider-Man. Incidentally, the development of Spider-Man’s true identity becoming known to the world and asking Strange to change the facts is also in the original comic.

Here’s an overview of the story.

  1. Peter was in favor of the hero registration law in Civil War.
  2. To make this statement, Peter announces to the world that he is Spider-Man.
  3. Because of this, Aunt May was shot by a villain and is in critical condition.
  4. Various heroes and villains asked for Aunt May’s treatment, but she refused.
  5. Peter, heartbroken, is walking and meets a red-haired girl.
  6. She tells Peter that the girl is the demon Mephisto and that she is the only one who can help Aunt May.
  7. In exchange for his help, Mephisto demands that Peter and MJ’s marriage never happened.
  8. Peter and MJ, after much deliberation, agreed to the deal.
  9. Aunt May is a great help.
  10. Just before the world transformation, Mephisto reveals to them that the red-haired girl they saw earlier was their daughter who was to be born in the future and can never exist anymore.

It’s sad that this girl’s true identity is that of a daughter who will never be born…

Is Doctor Strange a fake?

A lot of fans are saying that Doctor Strange is a fake. And that his true identity may be Mephisto Feres!

Indeed, considering the comic that No Way Home is based on, it’s interesting that the real identity is Mephisto!

Major projections for this work

It’s pretty hard to write about the evidence, so I’ll skip it.

  1. Peter is suspected of Mysterio’s murder by the police.
  2. Matthew “Matt” Murdock, aka Daredevil, appears to defend Peter against the charges.
  3. Peter gets acquitted, but he fears his friends will be targeted by the bad guys.
  4. I’m going to ask Doctor Strange to use the nexus point or the item that controls absolute points (the box in the preview) to change Mysterio’s fate so that he doesn’t have to tell anyone who he really is, effectively erasing everyone’s memories.
  5. The work failed. It got mixed up with several verse, and Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Electro, and Sandman appeared. And Ned, a villain from another dimension, also appeared.
  6. These villains were destined to die fighting the Spider-Man of their respective dimensions.
  7. Peter, who wants to save the Villains, and Doctor Strange break up, but they soon reconcile.
  8. Plus, Doctor Octopus was in a state of mind after he came to his senses, so he’d be one of Peter and the others.
  9. Villain Ned is seriously injured in a battle with villains except Doctor Octopus.
  10. Aunt May and the others took the OsCorp superhuman serum from the Green Goblin and used it to strike Villain Ned.
  11. Ned loses his mind and becomes a hobgoblin.
  12. Hobgoblin is a highly skilled hacker who hacks Doctor Octopus’ arm and turns him into a villain (a recreation of Spider-Man 2).
  13. The goal of the villains is to change the fate of their own deaths. To do that, they want to take the box.
  14. Sinister Six formed.
  15. Fight with hobgoblins vs. Peter at a public facility.
  16. After coming to his senses for a moment, the hobgoblin follows what little goodness is left in his heart and kills himself with a pumpkin bomb!
  17. In the process, the box is stolen and Sinister Six tries to activate it at the Statue of Liberty.
  18. Peter is devastated by the loss of his friend, albeit in a different dimension, but decides to settle the matter at the Statue of Liberty (it would be hot if Tony Stark’s last will and testament came out at this time).
  19. But in the fight, MJ is thrown down.
  20. The Sam Raimi and Amazing versions of Spider-Man are here!
  21. Sinister Six defeated.
  22. However, the Multiverse continues to erode the world, and Peter decides to erase himself from the world as the cause of the problem, and pretend that the incident itself never happened.
  23. Kiss MJ goodbye and the Villains and the MCU version of Peter will disappear.
  24. But the MCU version of Peter Parker doesn’t die, but begins a new life in another world (No Way Home’s title is recovered). And the new world is the one where Venom and his friends are.
  25. Sam Raimi’s version of Peter Parker, played by Tobey Maguire, replaces him in the MCU at the end.
  26. Doctor Strange works to undo Sam Raimi’s version of Peter Parker and the Multiverse that he messed up this time, leading to the second Doctor Strange movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.Or the post-credits scene ends with the Doctor Strange of this film turning out to be Mephistopheles.

The fact that there will be more than one Spider-Man in the movie is quite plausible, especially since Jeremy Fox, who plays Electro, says on Instagram that we should follow the Spiders!

The only other thing I can think of is a Sam Raimi version of Spider-Man making a comeback to do a darker story in the MCU version of Spider-Man!

Preliminary Considerations

Nanomachine absorption

The fact that part of the Iron Spider’s skin has been removed and Doc Ock’s arm is instead covered in red armor shows that it has absorbed Peter’s nanomachines.

Apparent change

As for Electro, the actor playing him is the same, but as you can see in the image above, in No Way Home, he’s got a comic book compliant visual! Hot!

What does Aunt May have?

If you look closely at the preview scene, you can see that Aunt May is holding something green.

This green chemical looks like the item that turns a person into a psychotic superhuman in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, or the item that turns a person into a lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man.


In the trailer, we see a mysterious figure riding a glider. It could simply be the Green Goblin, but I still think it’s the Hobgoblin.

The reasoning behind this is that Ned is a hobgoblin in the comics, and he has posted the following photos of himself looking unwell, and Tom Holland and others have said that this film is dark.

Aunt May had the superhuman serum from Ozcorp, maybe to help Ned who was seriously ill.

And I predict that Ned will recover, but his personality will break down and he will become a villain.

The problem is that she is supposed to be a villain, but she seems to be one of us in the Statue of Liberty. So the villanization is after the Statue of Liberty…? Or Ned in another dimension? As I’ll explain later, Aunt May died before the Statue of Liberty, so Ned’s transformation into a villain must have occurred before Aunt May’s death. However, since Ned seems to be on the same side as her in the Statue of Liberty, I think that the Ned of another dimension is coming.


Is the black and gold suit a prototype?

If you look closely at this suit, you can see the bare wiring, which is said to be the lining of the suit that was revealed in Homecoming. For your reference, the image below is the corresponding scene.

The question is why it’s turned inside out, why it’s able to do magic, and why it has Ned and MJ’s mug shots on its chest!

Maybe the suit came off in battle and Doctor Strange hastily added magical abilities to it? Also, maybe it’s not actually Peter from the Sacred Time Line who’s wearing this suit, but Peter from the Multiverse.

Anybody die?

You can see the Green Goblin’s bomb exploding somewhere in a public facility.

And from the scene where Happy is looking seriously at the (presumably bombing) site, and the vague scene of Peter in the second picture above, many fans are saying that this may be the scene of Aunt May’s murder.

However, in the above scene in the second half of the trailer, it looks like Aunt May is the one Peter is talking to after being injured in the explosion.

Therefore, after thinking about who would be killed by the pumpkin bomb and who would be quite shocked by Peter’s death and not Aunt May, I think that the explosion of the public facility is the suicide of Hobgoblin (Ned from another dimension).

And above is a scene that seems to be Peter from the battle scene at the Statue of Liberty, but I think it is a scene after Aunt May’s death because the scar on her face is less vivid.

You and Doc Ock fighting together?

As mentioned above, if the interviews are true, Doc Ock is the good guy version. Furthermore, the comical exchange in the trailer confirms this. The fight with Peter on the highway was probably because Doc Ock was confused.

The problem is the Sinister Six. With all the villains in the Spider-Man movies so far, it would be too bad not to form a Sinister Six. So I think we will see another Doc Ock. Or maybe the Arm will be hacked by the Hobgoblin (Ned from another dimension) and run off.

Breakup with Doctor Strange

It looks like he’ll be fighting Doctor Strange in the beginning.

It seems like a clash between Peter, who is working for the Villains, who are destined to die fighting Spider-Man, and him, because of their differences in ideas.

So it seems that the box is an item that controls fate, or in MCU terms, a nexus point or absolute point. However, if it’s not used properly, it could lead to the end of the world like in the last scene of the trailer.

A mysterious box merges you with another universe.

I’m just guessing, but I think the world is in trouble because of the aforementioned item that controls fate.

Green Goblin!!!

I love this scene!!! I can’t wait for it to come out in Hot Toys~!

Farewell to Peter

When she tells Aunt May that she can’t save everyone, I think she is saying that she will save everyone else by sacrificing herself.

And the second scene is the farewell scene with MJ. I think Peter takes the blame and leaves this sacred timeline.

There are three Spider-Men!

In this Spider-Man vs. Villains scene, a surprising mistake was discovered in the Brazilian version of the trailer.

It’s the red box in the above image, and in the Brazilian version, the Lizard is being beaten up by someone! This clearly shows that he has other friends besides Peter, and those friends must still be Peter Parker from the Sam Raimi and Amazing Spider-Man versions!

The other companions are said to be the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, but I personally want them to be enemies because I want to see the Sinister Six formed.

MJ Falling

MJ falling! This scene reminds me of Gwen from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Gwen died in that movie, but if the Amazing version of Spider-Man appears in this movie, saying “I won’t fail again” and saving MJ, I’ll cry!