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A mysterious man came to the house of a couple who was sending a calm living in the suburbs. My wife had distrust of the man, but her husband greeted me well. From that day onwards, alternate visitors came to the couple’s house. She was a husband who did not seriously take up his wife’s appeal that “something good will happen as it is”, but her uneasiness eventually became reality.

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In short, although the couple lived quietly, the number of people who do not know more and more increases, it is a scary feeling work.



In the world extreme evaluation

While this work was intensely broken by critics among the critics, it was criticized from the audience and got the F rating which is the lowest value in the cinema score. F evaluation was given since “Jackie · Corgan” which was released in 2012.

Director Darren Alonovsky says “This movie was directed towards certain people, not for general spectators.”

In Rotten Tomatoes, 84% of the 25 critic review posted supportive evaluations, and the average rating was 8.2 out of 10.

In Metacritic, based on 12 critics reviews, the average rating was 8.3 out of 10.

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The publication of this work in Japan was canceled by Paramount of distribution company.

In the world, the evaluation is broken as described above, I think that I can not recommend this work for all.

The reason is that there is a bloody and grotesque scene, but it is not that much, and the more problematic thing is that there is an ethically extreme scene . Although it is not sexual thing, it was quite surprising at first look (lol)



What is this movie?

As Director Darren Alonovsky says,  I think “this movie was intended for a particular audience, not for ordinary audiences” .

Many reviews are made on the basis of the Bible, and the woman of the hero says that it is a work which is the theme of environmental destruction which represents “the earth”.

I also think so, but there was a shock like this when I first saw Bratt Pit’s “Fight Club” for the first time.

What is it? Something really came with a gutsu! It is such feeling that we are energetic and motivated, or something “noticed” or something like that (laugh)

It certainly does not take a million people, but it was such a work that I want you to feel something by watching this movie.

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