This time I’m thinking about reviewing “baby driver”!


“Baby Driver”


The director of this work is Edgar Wright .

His works include “Sean of the Dead”, “Galactic Hitchhiker’s Guide”, “Spaceman Paul”, “Hot Fuzz”, “World End Drunkards Save the World”, “Antman” etc. Right! ! !

Every work was a comedy route with a lot of laughter elements. I love this director, I like all the above works! ! Actually I do not see the world end, but (laugh) ” Ginga hitchhiku guide ” and hidden masterpiece and ” Guardians of Galaxy ” or likes you like it really is not it! I’d like to write ” Hot Fuzz ” and ” Antman ” someday, I really have a lot of elements that can make you laugh foolishly! !


The play middle song was also very good! ! ! !


Well, I wonder if I will write many things like my impression while remembering movies, seeing a lot of the trainers and the next!

Director’s long-term plan

Unsquare Dance flowing in the early stage!

This song which flows with a little rhythm. Unexpectedly baby plays the piano this scene. It may be good to link what you say to Ton of Doku.


It is the scene at the beginning of the next opening section

Scenes here If you search youtube, only the opening part was up!

I will put it on.


It was also written in a movie brochure, but it is not uncommon for the stage to be in Atlanta instead of New York or Chicago. It seems that it became here on tax system .

I seemed to be able to block only every few blocks in shooting, and I seem to have taken a little at a time.

The car chosen in this work seems to have chosen a car model that is often used by listening to real robbers .

This red car used for the first time seems to be a car model called Subaru WRX. It seems Edgar Wright definitely decided to use this car.

In addition, Edgar Wright seems to have been thinking about the scene here a while ago .

The reason I thought about making this work itself seems to be based on “Bell Bottoms” of John Spencer he heard at the age of 21. After that, when I was entrusted with Mint Royale’s “Blue Song” music video in 2002, a MV of a man who escaped with a car while listening to music was completed.


It looks pretty similar when you see it now .

In this way I think that the idea of ​​this work was quite done.


Main character baby

When he is a sweet mask he looks low in height when it is an image of his work, but in fact he was surprised to see his height up to 191 cm .

In the play, I was involved in crime since the first appearance. The wind shield was playing sunglasses and earphones and it was silent. Watching monkey It was like touching a monkey or a monkey .

After all the trauma of an automobile accident of an old car made my heart shut up. I think that music is safe to hear with pacifier for him. Is it probably the influence of a mother who was a singer?

However , when I met Deborah, they seemed happy to be able to make people who listen to music together. There was also a heart to enjoy music with the father of a black father, and listening to music with someone for baby is quite satisfied .

It is not bought that baby has a large number of music players, he seems to be using a guy who used to be a car thief.


The purple classic car this aunt was riding was cool. Usually I get angry when my car is stolen, I think that if you do return it back, I do not think I will make any favorable testimony, but I guess that “Baby was a good person” It feels like you are protecting like a mother.

The character of the troll of “Border adventure with Dora” is ex-copy story (laugh)



耳にバナナが入っててなの元ネタ – タネタン:あらゆる元ネタ・由来を集めるサイト

Another fantastic piece of work “fight club” has also appeared.

There is no outcome in the work in which such small story is charged ~

Gee wonderful.


About doc

It is the actor Kevin Spacey who plays Doc. The famous one is the enemy John Do in Seven. In addition, “Usual · Suspects” received a supporting actor award.

The car that Dok was on was a luxury car called Mercedes Benz S550. Probably it would be money made by crime. His private was not revealed to have a cocky nephew. The imagination seems to swell (lol) I’d like to see pretty well with his young spin-offs. Did you elope or elope?


End of Doc

I did not think Doku would help the hero ! !

There was also a depiction that seems to be involved in the hero baby repeatedly in the early stage to the robbery, and thinking that it is a bad person such as making babies retired in the midfield also be complicit in the robbery, is not this a rasubosu Although there was the idea though, there was not thought that watching the baby who was able to make a lover reminds me of old times and will live and help us ! !

That was pretty cool adults!

Awesome Butts

He played the bat is Jamie Fox , who is a tremendous person who has won the leading actor award at “Ray”! ! ! Besides, it is new to the memory such as “Amazing Spider-Man 2”, is not it?

Acting in the play was awesome ! ! It was awfully scary anymore. That tension that you do not know when you will be killed, scenes clapping at the restaurant, that was really appalling .

Although I was supposed to be safe while watching a movie, there was a sense of urgency to think that he was really attacked. It is tremendous force! ! His dying place was somewhat like “final destination” and it was funny (lol)

It reminds me of “hot fuzz” and “Sean of the dead” like that dangling blood that daughters are thinking (laugh) I think that the color of the director has appeared well.


Batts’ decision word! !

“Tequila ~”

About Heroine / Deborah

Debola of the heroine of this work.

There were some songs called Deborah / Zebra.



It would have been an exciting encounter with babies without friends.

I played Lilly James who starred in the movie Cinderella.

This time it was a feeling like a child at the time that you put a perm.

Even though it was with suspended execution, it was too late I kept waiting for him who had been in for a couple of years. (Laugh)

It was quite understandable that the scene which was being paranoid on the way leads to the scene kissing the car in the fore but the royal road is really good.


Best enemy buddy

It was an actor named John Ham that played!

Well ~ ~ ~ It was extremely cool ! ! It was really cool ! !

It is a really nice person when listening to music together!

I thought I wonder if it will help last, but what a girlfriend actor Aza Gonzalez lover’s darling has been killed is a stupid mode.

Before that, I knew that Baby was recording a variety of voices, and I was wondering if I could change my eyes and asked if I was scared of my uncle.

It is a movie that outrageous feeling of this neighborhood has given out well. After all the bad guys were bad people out?

Do not get caught in the gap. Just because a bad person did something good, it might not be good to get stuck in there.

Also it is interesting that both Buddy and Baby have a common point that they are acting for a single woman.



The most exciting scene! !

Hocus Pocus flowing through Focus here Fun scenes that match with songs and blood is fussing! ! ! The match with the gunshot and the siren of the police car became a beat and it was a scene made extremely carefully that the music flowing in the main part and the bgm in the store were linked with each other! ! ! ! ! !

I voluntarily bought my soundtrack! ! (Lol)


Astringent buddy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Astringent! ! !

Queen Brighton Rock  is coming on or it’s too stylish ~~~~

I thought, but I think that Buddy’s do not like the end and somehow become similar to Hans · Gruber of “Die Hard 1” (lol)


I also bought a soundtrack! !

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