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【Discussion / Review】 “Mighty So Battle Royal (Original title: Thor Ragnarok)” 【impression · trivia】

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About making a character

The work was really brilliant action ! !

Hera looks like a witch, but in reality it is a fairly fighting faction , fighting with the sword that comes out indefinitely! ! Besides, Loki and Saw also had a lot of action, so I seemed to have had a lot of training and I was excused for making a role.

I noticed that there was one very disappointing thing when I bought a movie brochure …

It seems that every actor, especially the people who play the Asgards, was very aware of the accent .

Since Asgardo is a pretty high-ranking country, it is necessary for the way to talk is a noble feeling. For that purpose he was instructed thoroughly by the British aristocratic accent and in addition he seemed to be making a role to change the accent further based on what character the character had been doing.

I am sorry very much that I could not notice because I do not understand English.

A secret secretly hidden in the play fighting Loki (Cameo appearance)

What a big actor was casting a cameo!

Easter eggs are too luxurious.


Matt Damon

マット・デイモン – Wikipedia

『マイティ・ソー ダークワールド』より

There was a play where Loki died when the saw came back to Asgard, but it seems that Matt Damon was playing that Loki! I have to look at it again and see it (laugh)

Sam Neill

サム・ニール – Wikipedia

Also playing Odin in the play (haha)

It is famous people such as “Jurassic Park”.

Luke Hemsworth



ルーク・ヘムズワース – Wikipedia

Chris’ fruit older brother of Saw.

So role in the play.

No way that your older brother is playing (laugh)


Cate Blanchett asThe goddess of death Hela

No, it was awfully beautiful

Was good.

It was God Villan.

Unlike the original and myths, it was my sister’s real sister !

In the past as a warrior, as an executor, he had a past that dominated the nine worlds with Odin, but it was obstructed by the ambition of that slaughter.

Awesome saw is also a good game. It possesses such a tremendous fighting power that it may have been defeated.

I thought that he could revive and manipulate the dead, but it was not such a depiction, and it seemed like it would be impossible without using an eternal flame .

It was a god of slaughter that brings death rather than a god of death gods .

However, the flesh that does not die even while stabbing it many times has embodied the god of death.


Hera’s future

At the end of this work Asgard was destroyed.

At that time Hera also was in Asgardo but the possibility of death would be 0 (lol)


From “Thor”

Besides, Loki was thrown away from Asgard in this way, but he was alive, and he also encountered Sanos.

Is not hella the same?

Speaking of Hera in comics as well, I thought of Sanos.

Thanos was brought up by the ambition to dominate the universe for her and caused Infinity War.

There was pointed out from comments from readers. Thank you!

I’m sorry! ! ! ! ! Death and Hera I thought it was the same person! 

It seems that Sanos and Death were in love with each other properly.

Below is the profile of Death.


Death (Earth – 616) | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Death is a manifestation that realized and realized the end of life at the Marvel Universe, paired with Eternity (which embodied the whole body of the whole life of the universe). Oblivion “brother” represents the end of existence. Living Tribuneal compared it to ‘revenge’. Death is ubiquitous everywhere in the Marvel Universe. Appearing in “War is Hell”, as a punishment for not doing anything to prevent Polish invasion by soldier John Kowalski, unavoidably suffering many lives and deaths, making Kowalski one aspect of death [4 ], “Ghost rider” pretended to be “Death Ryder” to test Johnny Blaze. Titan sanosu (Thanos) is deprived of her, and in the story of “Captain Maver”, she plans to conquer the universe, thinking to express love to Death by killing the whole life of the universe. Sanos, who got the Cosmic Cube, succeeds in dominating the universe, but when Captain Maver, Dracs, and Avengers collapsed him with strength, Death abandoned Sanos. However, Sanos, who can not abandon his affection for Death, will then trigger the ‘Infiniti Gauntlet Incident’. Dead pools are in love.

Power and ability

As a cosmological concept, Death has the power to accomplish virtually any influence. Death is an abstract existence, it has no reality, and usually appears as a woman so that it can be perceived by being smaller than herself. Death resides in the pocket dimension known as Realm of Death.

デス (マーベル・コミック) – Wikipedia

However! !

What a new fact than information from readers again! Thank you!

It seems that there is a story saying that Hera and Death should be the same person because fans are confused to give out Death and Hera representing death among fans.


Thor: Ragnarok’s Hela Just Kissed Thanos In The Comics: Is She Death? | moviepilot.com

Based on that, it will be 100% reintroduction at “Infinity War”.

Whether Thanos is acting for Hera for movies is noticeable, is not it?

However, I can not imagine how to encounter Thanos with Hera who was obstinate.

Perhaps before being obstructed?

I have to read comic versions and study (laugh)


Chris Hemsworth as Thor

I could smile this scene of SILT really (laugh)

The composition of the movie is with “LA LA LAND” . First of all, I showed a joke / dance and it is a technique to show this movie to the audience that this atmosphere is like this.


In this time I was subjected to terrible treatment such as receiving electric shock or hitting octopus etc in Hulk etc (laugh)

It seems that Chris Hemsworth, who plays the saw, changed his hairstyle.

The reason is that if it is the same hairstyle, the audience will get tired of it (laugh)

So it seems I changed my hairstyle from a struggling gala changing stadium.

Thanks to my short hair, the fighting sense came out fairly.

Further start of the second part in Japanese comic ! ! It is good to have a sharp feeling.


I knew that the scene in the latter half was understood, but I did not expect to awaken Huluk like this even at the stadium .

What kind of god are you, that the hammer was just a tool to control the power of Saw? Is it the god of the hammer? It was nice to hear that you said that.

Saw without a hammer will not be able to fly in the future, but what will happen there?

Even so, when I was awake, I was overwhelmingly strong with extensive attacks.

Will not it be possible to exceed Hera if I do more training?

It is highly anticipated also for stronger Sanos.

I have lost one eye (right eye) just like my father!

Director says it seems to be pretty much like it, seems to be able to do anything by adding explanation with Tony’s technology when you want to revive one eye (lol)

I am officially becoming the king this time, but it seems likely that I can do proper politics (laugh)

Suddenly when I got into concern, when I got out with Sau Odin Son with subtitles, when I was Saw, the son of Odin, I thought it was a difference in nuances.


Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

It is drawn strongly about duality like Jekyll and Hyde, and furthermore I think that the drilling down on characters such as Hulk / Bruce · Banner was drawn more carefully than before .

It seems that he has been fighting in the state of Hulk for two years, and it seems that it became possible to do simple conversation whether a little intelligence was raised thanks to that.

It seemed like a monster , rather than being constantly seeking a fight, it was feeling that you wanted a place . It is not just a monster

It was good that it was evidence.

If it was here nobody persecuted himself, so it was strongly shown that I want to stay in the sakar.

Looking at the face of Romanoff in Quinjet, the scene where that ferocious Hulk cried to cry and returned to the blues banner was hit in the chest.

It is quite a good match with Fenrir who will do with a giant wolf monster, and it is said that Hulk is the strongest in the fighting ground as it is without enemies.

I was also fighting with Saw, but which one actually won has room for debate (lol)


It seems that he’s wearing an album by Duran Duran.

Robert Downey Jr who plays Tony Stark seems to be a big fan of Duran Duran and this T-shirt was chosen. His story also came out for a moment and I was happy personally.

I saw something bad about surfing like surfing guy (lol)

If you put the Quad of the Guardians of Galaxy, you can say it is the first other planetary experienced in the history of Marvel (laugh)

There are depictions like tourists this time, I feel like a bright blues banner where some shoulder’s power has passed.

I decided to travel with sa on the last ship, but what will happen after this?


Sir Philip Anthony Hopkin as Odin

It was actor Anthony Hopkins , who seemed to be the director of Kenneth Braner , famous for Harry Potter’s rock heart teacher and others who played Odin.

By leaving the land of Asgard which is the source of power, probably the power of the spirit of Hera was also weakened, the spatula was released, the power of hers was weakened, and the development of the shock was at the beginning of the dead .

It was a good son about Sawashi and Loki ‘s bad things. To say the end, Moyamoya is gone.

It seems that there was a considerable change in the mind as it waslands to the earth.

Until now it was rigorous but this time it was a good father .

It seems there was an exchange with Dr. Strange and I am very wondering what kind of conversation he was doing.

In the past you had concealed the dark fact that you brought nine worlds with force with Hera.

As for that, Saw was good looking and not struggling and not particularly attitude.

It was important to say that everywhere would be Asgardo (haha)


Tom Hiddleston as Loki

I seemed to be living a depraved life if I thought about what kind of politics to impersonate as odin, I thought Loki’s ambition was small .

Betrayal and treachery, but it seems that the god of mischief can only be able to do truly mischievous thing only (laugh)

I think that fighting methods use magic to fight and I am amazed at fighting with the body (laugh)

It is actually a character that seems to be sad if it dies somewhere without hating.

The exchange with Saw was also really good.

I was thinking that I will die this time, but it was good that I did not die.


I want you to make a comical exchange with Saw like this in the future as well.

For example, help was a great joke .

Besides, I heard that you are home hulk. It seems that it is becoming a trauma that Hulk is being bogged down at the end of the first work of Avengers.


Tessa Lynne Thompson as Valkyrie

The comic settings of Valkyrie are as follows.

  • 【Hero】 real name: Brunhilde / Samantha / Baritone God / female / Asgard people
  • Ability: I have stronger powers than the average Asgardod gods. He has an immense strength, speed, stamina and is an experienced warrior. Also, you can sense the death of a person.
  • Your team: Avengers, Defenders, Avengers Initiative, Secret · Avengers, etc.
  • Asagardo’s strongest female fighter who drives the Tenma Aragorn and takes the Demon Sword Dragon Fang.
  • After a battle of centuries with the enchantress of witch, came to the present earth.
  • It is said that the absolutely broken sword named Dragon Fang, a master of javelin throws, was made from the fangs of the dragon.
  • Horses with wings Move on Aragon. This horse was a gift from Black Knight.
  • In the future talk with Fier it Self, in order to seal the eight hammers remaining on the ground, we struggled for soldiers by turning all the opponent’s heroes over.
  • At AvX, he became a member of the Phoenix counterforce with Saw as leader.
  • Recently he has formed a female-only hero team, Fearless Defenders. It is holding possession of the soul of the archaeologist Annabel of the deceased member.

Bios【マーベル】ハ – 虹裏アメコミWIKI – アットウィキ

In the comic, Valkyrie, who is quite a long time ago, is the first movie to appear.

Valkyrie is not a proper noun but it refers to that group, but it seems Valkyrie does not have any problem as it is the last one.

The fight against Hera on flashback was a very beautiful picture.

The fighting power was also high and I was dismissing Loki.

I feel like I am going to feel a little nice with Hulk, but I have no idea because Romanoff is there. Maybe there is something like Loki (lol)

As soon as a charming person was played I soon fell like this character.


SurturClancy Brown as Surtur

It is an enemy called Sult.

It is a giant of a flame that exceeds 300 meters in length and exists from before the Odin and Asgardian gods, and has become a threat to Asgard with bad wisdom and mighty power.
It was captured by the nucleus of the earth by Odin but has been released several times.
At first it was opened by Loki to make disaster to the earth, flying around as a fireball, but jumped out of the atmosphere and caught by another galaxy asteroid.
The existence which killed Odin.

サーター : 神々しい奴ら!!マイティ・ソーの悪役まとめ – NAVER まとめ

It is the King who governs Muspelheim.

It was licked in saw and it was like a destroying device that destroys Asgard by the eternal flame, which is a source of power, although it was being defeated easily. (Laugh)

You made me laughable. I tried to destroy it but no one (laugh)


Stan Lee

This time I cut the saw hair on the planet Sakar (lol)

Warriors Three

Ray Stevenson as Volstagg

Zachary Levi Pugh as Fandral

Tadanobu Asano as Hogun

# 594 “Mighty So” (Ito P’s blog)

Warriors Three Reappears to ‘Mighty So: Ragnarok’ by Tadanobu Asano | Cinema Frontline | New Film News and Trailer

All the Warriors 3 who entered from that first work were killed .

It might be better to draw the last one like this rather than being erased.

For Japanese Asano, I fought for quite a long time and I think that death was well focused and I think that it was a good treatment .


Karl Urban as Executioner Skurge

Actually it was a good Asgardo person just because I was scared of appearance.

Death and Roy came out when I forgot and it was a good hint recovery.

The death flag was Bing .

I was in good shape for the last moment.


Idris Elba as Heimdall

I realized that the state of Odin as Loki is strange, it is the one who ran away as soon as possible. I should have known to Saw quickly (laugh)

His sword was the key item of this work.

I think that hella can probably move to many different places on my own, so I was trying to steal this sword in order to stop the people from running away?

I think that it is a person who combines the essence of the king who put together the people who ran away. Is not it OK to leave politics to him? (Lol)

His eyes are a wonderful ability to see anywhere, so I look forward to stories that make use of it in the future.


Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster

It is a grand master.


He is one of Cosmic Being, a life enthusiast who loves games.

It seems you are managing a stadium this time.

It is not good to have a comic with a collector who is also a cosmic beer that also appeared in the Guardians of Galaxy. Impression that they are bullying collectors (haha)

It is a person who makes a lot of noise.

Cosmic being and collectors are in the following article.


【考察】『ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシー(原題:Guardians of the Galaxy)』【感想】

It was officially announced at the MCU that it is a collector and brother!

It was a considerable psychopath thought that he was a common-sense person because he disliked the word slave (lol)

After all, there are only living for hundreds of years. Because hundreds of years is talking about this world, is not it?

I really liked this character and had a burst of laughter all through.

It is a character that is quite different from comics, but I also like this one (lol)

I expect it to co-star with future collectors. Also the topaz (Topaz) played by the follower’s Rachel House (laugh)



Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

I am amazed that I was a sorcerer enough to pick up Nobunaka Loki .

It seems I got to be able to do various things with no motion, what will it be like with a single Infiniti War?

It is definite to be robbed by Sanos from having time which is one of Infinity Stones …

It seems that it seems to always protect the earth and it seems to be able to tell when something heterogeneous comes.

As I live in New York with Spider-Man, I also hope to co-star with him.


Last ship

A huge ship that appeared in front of the last saw’s ship. Personally I think that it can narrow down to the following two.

① Sanos’ ship’s theory

I mentioned in Loki, but Loki is stealing the four dimensional cube. Speaking of the person who is looking for Infinity Stone is a sanos. Therefore, I think that Sanos is a bad idea.

In the notice of Infinity War, Saw was drifting in space and it was picked up by the Guardians of Galaxy by chance.

I wonder if I ran away from the ship of Sanos for my life.

However, the shape of the ship is landscape and it looks similar to that of Ronan’s ship, which was partnering with the guardian sanos of the Guardians of Galaxy, but the design of the pod of Adam Warlock was also seen. So I will give Adam Warlock theory too.


↑ Ronan’s ship

Besides, it is reasonable to try to get a four-dimensional cube manipulating space as sanosically as a means of transporting first.

Therefore, this theory would be the most promising candidate.


【解説】『マイティ・ソー バトルロイヤル』ポストクレジットシーンの意味 ― 『アベンジャーズ/インフィニティ・ウォー』とのつながりは? | THE RIVER

Very detailed above, apparently, the ship that appeared last seems to be a ship named Sanctuary II, it seems to be a ship decision of Sanos!

② Adam · Warlock’s ship’s theory

Although the Sanos theory is effective, if it is a ship of Adam Warlock, I think that it will be quite funny (lol)

【2作目考察・レビュー】『ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシー / リミックス(原題:Guardians of the Galaxy VOL.2)』【感想】

Adam Warlock has appeared in the second work of “Guardians of Galaxy”. The person himself has not yet come out and left in the state of a pod, but I think that this ship that came out last in this work feels that this pod-like design was personally there and I advocate this theory.

It seems to be the third enemy in the second work of “Guardians of Galaxy”, but since it is Adam Warlock, an important figure of Infinity War in comics, it is not the third work I am thinking that it will go out to Infinity War.





Ability to fly the universe on its own in addition to superhuman strength, physical ability, energy manipulation Magical with genius brains and any ability

アダム・ウォーロック – アメコミ@ wiki – アットウィキ

Treasury of Odin

Big big box

It is a “box” of Frost Giant. It comes out to the first work.

For details, please see the following article


[Discussion] “Thor” 【Comment】

Small cube

It is a four-dimensional cube which is Infinity Stone.

The following works as a link.


【考察・レビュー】『キャプテン・アメリカ / ザ・ファースト・アベンチャー (原題:Captain America: The First Avenger)』【感想】

It is definite that I stole from what Loki was using because of Infiniti War’s notice .

A glove

It became a topic that there was a glove in the first work of “Mighty So”, Odin was said variously as a black screen, but it seems that it was actually a fake product. Of course it is natural (laugh)

The interesting thing is that the glove was originally there.

It can be interpreted as an original tool rather than what Sanos created.

I wonder who made it. Is it Cosmic Being or Celestials?

Personally it is the Eternity theory.


Eternity was born when the universe was formed (with Death, Oblivion, and Infinity), it seems to me that all living things in the universe are collective consciousness.
He is any living thing, every creature is him. Therefore, he controls all of the planes of existence other than living / truvinar. Living · Truvinal maintains cosmic balance of power.
Eternity is a physical incarnation of time, but his sister Infinity represents space.
Also, if Galactus ever dies or does not exist, Abraxas, a pair of Eternity will be born.
Eternity is protected by Captain Universe.
The origin and precise nature of the abstract known as Eternity are unknown and unknown. It is the sum of the collective consciousness of all creatures in the universe, the instantiation of their life is the death as the materialization of the end of their life.

Eternity – Marvel C○mics @ wiki跡地 – アットウィキ



Eternity_(Earth-4321) | Eternity & Epiphany & Enmity & Entropy | Pinterest

Crown of Sartar

When I saw it first I thought that the corner resembled the head of Hera so I thought I’d be resurrected, but I did not do that (laugh)

Sakar of the planet

It was funny to mess with a feel like Akira or a blade runner.

It was a city-making full of respect for his respect as a result of a lot of Jack Kirby’s designs!


Taika Waititi as Korg

Revolution failed (lol) What a director was playing in the high-pitched voice (subtitle version) he seems to play .

It was an interesting guy who killed a buddy’s bastard (survival) (lol)

Does the director play again if it comes out in the future?



Asagardo has finally gone.

Odin said that it could be anywhere Asgardo, but it is true that it really will be destroyed.

In comics Oklahoma state became New Asgardo so will it be the same expansion?

The people were still few indeed.

It seems to be because life is so long that there is no need to increase it.


Immigrant Song

Immigration songs seem to be songs that sang the Northern European buffing.

What is amazing is that Led Zeppelin seems to be NG usual how to use such a play song.

But the divine development that permits to use in the play this time! !

More themes are immigrants.

Even at the end of this work a lot of people, such as saws and people at Sakaru, Asgardians, etc have become immigrants.

There is no doubt that it is a song representing this work .


About this whole work

There were a lot of small stories and things about Zander stars that came out of the Guardians of Galaxy!

In the original schedule it was 90 minutes and it was a very short movie.

But editing various results It seems that this work has reached 120 minutes by increasing a lot of comedy elements.

It was a wonderful Marvel movie on a comedy route , and it was also good to dig a story and a portrayal of a person.

Saw is not just a foolish character but has been lively as a proper character this time, and Loki also seems to have seen a new aspect.

The color usage was brilliant , and respect for Jeck Kirby was wonderful.

Furthermore, I used Northern European myths well and combined the original “Planet · Hulk” and “Thor God of Thunder” well, and it was a supernatural work to put together many things together . I am very satisfied. As Marvel’s movies become increasingly interesting, I’m also looking forward to “Black Panther”, “Infinity War” and “Anto Wasp”.


Deleted / edited scenes

It is written in the item of spatula, the treasure cabin of Odin, the item of the last ship! (Lol)

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