This time I will write about MCU 3rd work Ironman 2!


Since I write impressions and considerations of the premise I saw the movie there is spoilerness


[Discussion] “Iron Man 2” 【impression】

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【考察】『アイアンマン(原題:Iron Man)』【MCUのはじまり】

Well, release from the first work two years later

There were many fans who look forward to this work also due to the development of technology of CG

But Ironman’s close friend Roddy’s substitution of actors also made me feel uneasy but now it’s nostalgic

Roddy has only Don Cheadle

Let’s see!


Russian seeing Tony’s speech

Speaking of stereotypes for Russians, vodka, snow etc.

There is also a Cold War, but I think Russians are most likely to become enemies of the Americans, especially the old enemies

It is a design drawing of Ark · reactor which is the nucleus of Iron Man. What does that mean?


It seems like you like flashy directing

Tony’s father was doing Expo at “Captain America / First Adventure”

Directing is similar (lol)


Discovery of Stan Lee among customers

Like Star Wars’s “like something bad feeling”, Stan Lee also appeared in a cameo for all the pieces a bit


Justin Hammer, one of the villain (?) Of this work


In the comic version, in this movie it’s just stupid … (haha)

But the threat he says is right to think about later

Also if the different people said that the weight changed



Tony at a hearing

Ironman is a civilian, belongs to the state?

so. Even the “Sybil War” is going to be discussed

In this work Tony selects the private sector, but “Civil War” selects the state

Tony has changed, too

By the way Congressman also appeared in “Captain America / Winter Soldier”



One of the theme of this work

If you keep on a hero you die

I question the self with a mirror about this trouble, but thanks to the father in the end I solved it

To be able to ask myself who has a father’s face to be helped (laugh)

The scene of this mirror is important


Suddenly President Inauguration Pepper

Friction arises in the relationship between the two parties because the problem of the reactor is silent


Black · Widow! (Lol)

Robot arm with artificial intelligence in Tony’s house, dummy and you

There are also aspects that treats them variously differently, but there were scenes that made me feel affection, such as bringing out those things when the house was destroyed at “Iron Man 3”

Okay ~ Tony



Ivan Vanco in Main Villain appears

It is a whip use that breaks whatever


If it’s a comic you go through the name of whip rush

I feel like Mexicans this time, but it is Russian for a while (laugh)

It is an enemy whose head is cut off, and physically suffered above Tony



From this time on, there was something that made the concept of carrying an iron man suit

The weak point is the thinness of running

The minutes were too bad for the Iwan partner (lol)

I can see the attached scene many times (laugh)



Although it was so in “Antman”, thieves are frequently called out (lol)

Moreover, the reason is that technology was stolen or such system (laugh)

Mainly my father Howard · Stark (haha)



Suddenly weapon past the merchant’s past

In the work after this we can focus on the victims who did the hero activities rather than the weapons merchant’s past

~ ~ Always blamed and poor



It is good that I do not want to go back obediently ~ ~

Tony’s honest feelings are appearing


Tony ‘s actions taken by Tony when it is in a desperate situation of facing death by the reactor and the reactor socially is a noisy thing at the party, that is what you want to do! ! ! ! It was not to say that it was to promote Lodi and Pepper to abandon …


Looking at it again, Wie Machine is cool (laugh)

“Become a war machine”


“War Machine”

It is also interesting to be the origin (lol)



Fury’s secretary

Tony’s speculation is Barebare

I am scaring a desperate Tony in the harbor



Here it becomes clear that my father Howard is a founding member of a secret organization called Shield

Fury at this time is like the original figure, that is, it is a serious mode, changing beyond the earlier feeling

It seems that they were close to each other calling with Howard and the first name

It is as if my father is crying when I’m kicking Tony.


Cuba (lol)

Cuban is quite unstable with diplomatic relations with America

So special cigars are also synonymous with the finest one based on the difficulty of obtaining


This figure is! ! ! !

Schematic of four dimensions! ! !


It will become obvious also in “Captain America / First Adventure” but Howard seems to have kept researching four-dimensional cubes


I wish to have a message from my father here ~~~~

Nice ah ~~~~~

Tony’s child’s expression!

Awesome acting power! !



No matter what kind of feud in the past it has gotten rid of this

As a result, the affection for his father also deepened and it became ah in “Sibyl · War” …



I never touched theoretical physics etc, so I often do it

It does not matter, but it seems that there is no meaning only by simply placing protons and the like

It seems that a huge amount of calculations are required, and we want to see a world where new elements born by that are also only a few microseconds in the particle accelerator

The element made at this time is ⦅ ッ ドシ ョ ⦅It is not Vibraniumです

Because vibranium comes out in “Captain America / First Adventure” (laugh)


Tony’s amazing place is where I’ll do anything alone anyway

I think that teamwork is good from a public perspective, but (laugh)

I do like acting alone


What a mess of Captain America ‘s shield (lol)

I know what is in the last

Accelerator I love Americans, is not it ~

I also like it

It is full of romance and real things! ! !


That (lol)

Reverse detection is a slow image in movies or the like, but it is to make the criminals obliterate, in fact it is true that it can be done in a moment

Did you know that the US military is made up of five groups: [ Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps ]?

It is NCIS organization (military police) to investigate the crime committed by Marine Corps and Navy officials, and it is recommended that NCIS drama based on it be super crafted

It is the most popular drama in America



Iron Man combination warrior from Angry Wand’s Black Widow Musou

Especially the way to shoot around here is where you get to “Avengers / Age of Ultron”

The power is great as to upload and pull

I also wanted to see more (laugh)

Ivan is amusing (lol)

Fly more! ! ! ! !

Because it was a strong enemy against the appearance, there is a sense that I did not kill him


Happy ending, Happy ending.

Justin Hammer?

I was caught when I noticed it



It seems that the Avengers project is finally coming to an end

But Tony’s evaluation is subtle

Everyone is tough with Tony (laugh)



I heard the irony is not it


Well, before Coleon’s line of sight is Mujoronia

Next time to Thor

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