This time I will write about MCU 4th work Mighty Saw!


Since I write impressions and considerations of the premise I saw the movie there is spoilerness


[Discussion] “Thor” 【Comment】

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【考察】『アイアンマン(原題:Iron Man)』【MCUのはじまり】

【Discussion / Review】 “Mighty So Battle Royal (Original title: Thor Ragnarok)” 【impression · trivia】

Eh ~ First of all it is the director of this work!

Who do you think?

What a “Harry Potter and the Secret Room” Professor Gilderoy Lockhart!



Director Kenneth Brauner is an odd person as an actor who is quite well-known, and he may not be able to enter five fingers in the entire cast of Harry Potter

Kenneth Branner – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

His director & starring ‘Hamlet’ is also interesting so come on (laugh)


Well this story!

It starts from the place where a person riding in a car runs over someone

Come on (laugh)

The heroine of this work is Natalie Portman! ! !

“Leon” was awesome


In the past humanity

I knew a certain truth

“There is other existence in the universe”

They believed

“Gods live somewhere in the world”

“There are also horrible people”

Speaking of AD 965, it is the Heian era when Japan

If this MCU is set up, it means that the Nordic gods are actually there

Asgard and Odin are coming from here


In the war with Jothunheim, which took place about a thousand years ago, it broke down the Frost Giant, and peace has come to nine worlds

Incidentally, the nine worlds are exaggerated, in fact “9 planets” is the correct expression

In this work, Asgardo, Midgard, Jotunheim are the main axes

Asgardo is the star where the Thor lives, Midgard is the earth, Jotunheim is an icy planet

Anthony Hopkins! ! ! !

It is a big actor famous for such as Lectar of “Silence of the Lambs”! !



Either of you will be responsible


Two young boys

Blonde is Thor

Black hair is Loki

It is an important scene that starts to have awareness as a successor of the King by listening to the old story from the father

And my father Odin is at least 1000 years old at the very least (laugh)

It seems that this tribe still lives long


Growth Thor is proliferating bloody (lol)

I feel a little brain-muscle …

On the other hand Loki seems to be cranky ←

Odin looking at such Thor looks severe

In addition! There are four followers of Thor but the leftmost one!

How oh it is Asano Tadanobu! !

great! !


浅野忠信 – Wikipedia

This is the weapon of Thor “Mujolnia”

A hammer that can not lift unless it has a noble spirit, gives the owner the thunder and flight ability


The assassin of Yeotunheim will deprive the “box” which is the source of Frost Giant’s power

But it is stopped and died by “weapons” called Destroyer

Thor is upright about that assassin, but declares war on declaration but dismisses

Odin says it is due to a truce with the king of Jotunheim “Raufai”

Thor thought that it seemed to be slightly stagnant even though it was going to rush (laugh)


Loki receives my brother ‘s consultation, but it looks a bit strange

It seems that Uoraku Thor urges you to go to Jotunheim

Acting here is really good ~



Loki with unfriendly smile (lol)

Although it is stupid impression when seeing the work afterwards, it is said that Early Loki was such a strange atmosphere (lol)



Asgardo is a magical country, but in reality science has developed tremendously

So everything that looks magical is also science

This neighborhood was mentioned a little by “Doctor · Strange” too

Magic is something like a program that interferes with the source code of this world or something

It is such a feeling.



The yellow magical eyes can see what a light year ahead, it is not an exaggeration to say that Peace of Asgard is thanks to him



It is good that I came to Jotunheim but it seems to be undisturbed and it got rid of helping Odin, Thor is still immature

The traitor of this scene is Barebare (laugh)



So it was a story composition that was fallen by humans and returned to the first scene

Thor in this human state was funny with a lot of laughable scenes such as being stunned by a stun gun (laugh)

Wondering here

Odin whispers to Mujornia, but does it mean that Mujorya can only be lifted the owner of a noble soul, or is it a function provided from the beginning


Oh! This crater! !

Yes, it is the last scene of “Iron Man 2”! !

It is connected to here ~


【考察】『アイアンマン2(原題:Iron Man 2)』【感想】

This time Stan Lee!

It is a shock fact

Loki was the son of Rafu Fay …

Does not it change so much physically around other Asgardo residents? There seems to be a capability to freeze (a setting that can not be used since this series)



I like acting mentally driving Odin here ~

Feeling truly


On the other hand Thor

I do not take photos of Facebook’s (laugh)


Coleon also appeared

Certainly I was going crazy about New Mexico with ‘Iron Man 2’


This acquaintance is commonly known as Hulk, Blues banner

Odin slept and therefore Loki is the king of proxy

It is a subordinate followers, but I’m beginning to realize that it is a bit weird



This skinhead, real name Justin Sitwell appeared in “Captain America / Winter Soldier”! !



Hawkeye’s first appearance!

This is a hot expansion as it is finalized!

It seems to me that he chooses a bow instead of a gun (laugh)


I can not withdraw

What did you answer the question I wrote a while ago?

It is thought that it is due to the power of Odin that it is possible to have Mujoriae only a noble one


Thor who barks towards it, is it barking towards Father Odin after all?

It gradually became a smell of people

It will be my first setback


Mr. Thor who can not hide Mujoryea shock

Where are you looking? I feel it (laugh)


Father is dead

Exile on older brothers and

The war that came close to me became a burden

Do not blame yourself.

~ ~ Loki skillfulness ~ ~

It is convinced that Thor can not return to Asgardo, and furthermore Thor’s morale declined and it gets caught

Mr. Rokimazi

But, as expected, Mujyo Luna can not lift

And it seems that human beings do not see Loki’s thing


Fake ID made with photos for Facebook (lol)

It is said to be easy

But Colegon, I swim thinking something doubtful


I was wrong.


For the first time in my life

What should I do

I did not understand

“I do not know where I am now”

Road search begins when you realize

Well this scene is nice ~~

It is a remark that increases weight because Erik Selvig has a life experience

By the way, it seems that the Asgard people are stopping their age by eating asgard’s apple if comic settings, so Thor’s age will be around 26.7 as it seems

Thor is going to like Selvig from this afternoon


Loki is getting wicked is better like ‘Star Wars EP III’

Too honest pretty cute


The former “magic”

You call “science”

I came from two equal places

The Earth is in the midst of development

For details, refer to “Doctor · Strange”



You laughed at Heimdal Norinori (laugh)


Omoki and costume party (lol)

It is likely to be misunderstood as “Game of Thrones”

Also Mr. Asano Japanese is Jackie Chan (lol)


Individual images were impressive ~

I did not die, but Loki is strong



It is because it is Callon who has exchanges with Stark in “Iron Man” etc. (laugh)

Discovering the 7-Eleven


It is reasonable to turn to the back, and its mechanism has been numb with a beautiful movement ~


It was awfully good that hammer rushed to Thor because of the remarks that could not be thought of Thor until now and the spirit of self-sacrifice confronting Destroyer, apologizing to Loki here

There is a gurren-laganlike fever



Mr. Jane is too aggressive (lol)

Thor knows that there is goodness of royalty like kissing the back of the hand first



As a respectable son

To be admitted

As saving my father’s life

I destroyed the monsters

To be a throne as a brave person

I am dissatisfied with Thor who became gentle

By interaction with such Loki

Thor is “different from the old days”

Loki says “I am too”

The two of us have changed.

I like this kind of composition

NARUTO Naturally Kingdom Hearts Naturally


Loki gets toppled with various magic but it can not be moved because a hammer is placed (laugh)

Odin was on the verge and helped the two from the explosion

The face of Loki at this time is already

You have gentle eyes, do not you?


After all, Loki can be saved elsewhere, but this falling scene is a hat off to the director to express that it is going to fall to the dark side and the separation to Loki’s family

It is a hobby of a director that has a little Shakespeare’s work feeling (lol)



case being settled

The father’s feud also disappeared



To Ms. Selvig Mr. SHIELD researcher

How long the director appeared


This is unity

You can see it in “Avengers”



Loki manipulating Selvig


It was fun! ! !

Can Thor, Odin, Loki be reconciled …

Next time “Captain America / First Adventure”



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