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【Periodic Forecast】AVENGERS INFINITY WAR & 4 【3rd and 4th Work】


This time I will write the forecast about “Infinity War” released April 27, 2018 and its sequel “Avengers 4 (Tentative)”!

important! ! About the main movie written after publication here


I will write discussions / forecasts. Moreover, it is also spoiled about the MCU up to now.

【Periodic Forecast】AVENGERS INFINITY WAR & 4 【3rd and 4th Work】

The following 2 articles are recommended in addition! ! I write a lot of predictions! (Lol)

Thanos becomes a god and knocks down other gods

Probably complete Infiniti Gauntlet with “Infinity War” and Thanos will be equal to God.

At that time, gods as the upper existence of the universe will appear and you can think of deploying to defeat it.

Below I will introduce the strongest upper existence (god) in comics.

If I make a mistake I will correct it (lol)

On your own, the strength is TOAA> Living tribunal> Eternity> Celestials.


The ego of “Guardians of Galaxy VOL 2” applies in real life. So the setting seems to be in real life. The planet Norwear appears to be made up of one of these skulls.

It’s a comic like this

Wow that’s cool

It seems that there are lots of things , influencing the life forms of the universe to promote evolution, and on the contrary it seems to have erased dangerous existence. I think strength is usually stronger than normal Thanos.


Eternity is the substance of time, all life in this universe is considered part of him .

Even comics will appear whenThanos completes Infiniti Gauntlet, but it will be defeated.

Perhaps it will also participate in the MCU.

Living tribunal


To maintain and maintain harmony of the branch universe (such as What If), the pocket space (Earth X, etc.), the entire multidimensional universe and the past, the future, the reality, the parallel world from the orthodox world (earth 616) The power of Almighty is given by One – Above – All of Almighty existence.

  Living tribunalwill appear on Earth as necessary, judge the actions of other cosmic beings, judge whether it will affect the entire universe, and make a judgment.


For the sake of convenience, the Living tribunal manifests in a figure resembling humanity with three faces. Only one of the faces can be seen perfectly, the second partly, and the remaining one completely hidden with cloth. Each of the three faces represents fairness, inevitability, and revenge, respectively.

Power and ability

  Living tribunalhas infinite cosmic power, is omniscient and has authority to absolutely control the Marvel universe after One-Above-All. If that comes to mind, it has enough power to annihilate the entire multi-dimensional universe in a moment. % 83% A 3% 83% 8 A% E 3% 83% AB

Thus Living tribunal is a mediator of the universe with three faces.

Probably I think I can not win if I complete Infiniti Gauntlet.

If Eternity and Living tribunal participate in the MCU at the same time, audiences are likely to get confused, so maybe only one will come out ….

TOAA (The One-Above-All)

One-Above-All, so-called TOAA is the highest existence. As long as you do not use an item called HOTU, you can not defeat him for any existence. There is a hierarchical relationship that the Living tribunal has also received power from him.

It is so-called the only god.

It is said that it is a writer (creator) that draws comics. That means you can change the story of a comic as you wish.

Since TOAA is a meta character representing the Creator, I think that Stan Lee plays at Avengers 4, is not it?

Actually, all the cameo appearances of Stan Lee in the MCU are the same person, is not it really interesting that the identity is TOAA? (Lol)

I want Iron Man and Captain America to realize that they will talk with TOAA (Stan Lee).

Title of Avengers 4

The title of “Avengers 4” is still hinted.

The reason is that it seems to be a serious spoiler with only the title.

I think the official title will be AVENGERS Heart of the Universe .

Although the original comic is named “Marvel: The End”, the story is not detailed at all, but Sanos is a yellow cube in the above image called Heart of the Universe (HOTU) , the source of the power of TOAA? It seems to be. Therefore, this item seems to have the feeling that Thanos becomes beyond TOAA and dominates everything including multidimensional universe.

The ending seems to end with persuasion by Adam Warlock and others and by the conversion by HOTU state Thanos realizing their own destruction (sorry if something goes wrong).

Later Thanos seems to be a farmer and retire (lol)

In actual live action “Infinity War” Thanos probably comes in contact with Eternity.

And will it be the flow to acquire the HOTU to defeat TOAA which is the upper existence in the next work “Avenger’s 4”? I am delusioned.

If you are expecting this title prediction you will also know that it will be spoiled. I want you to win it ~ (lol)

Introduction of Adam Warlock and Magus

The golden one is Adam Warlock, the one that is purple is Magus.

What two people are the same person !

Adam Warlock is a hero of justice.

Macy is like Adam Warlock, the darkness of the future.

As for what I want to say, I anticipate that a villin called Kahn who will time travel in the above article will come in the future, but I am thinking that Maygas will come along with that as well! !

important! ! About the main movie written after publication here