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【Discussion / Review】 “Star Wars EP.8 Last Jedi (Original title: Star Wars: The Last Jedi)” 【impression · trivia】

It’s full of spoilers! !

Hello! ! !

I watched it the first day!

I think I will write about everything such as impressions and considerations about episode 8, future expectations, trivia and so on this time! ! !

【Discussion / Review】 “Star Wars EP.8 Last Jedi (Original title: Star Wars: The Last Jedi)” 【impression · trivia】


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【EP8予想②】『スターウォーズ・最後のジェダイ(原題:STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI)』【SW考察】


To be honest, I think the story is rough (lol)

For example, it seems that it is the same ending without having to do with Poe’s strategy, and Cairo Ren also does not know what to do honestly.

But it is the best!

Yoda was a puppet.

Cairo Ren tried to return what he had done to nothing.


Luke said that he was a legend so he did not go well.

Based on these, Lucas Film says it’s like a message that you enjoy the Star Wars, a space opera like a toy box that has been turned over, without considering legendary Star Wars deified I feel it.

I think that the goodness of the former trilogy is messed up, I think that it is convenient for a moment and there are plenty of room to imagine.

It seems that he seems to deny episodes 1 to 6 from the behavior of Cairo Len at first glance, but I think that it was actually a movie that I wanted to pass through the power of the type and want to do a stroke like the past.

I really liked the episode 8 review while writing it (laugh)

Well go to see again!



Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Cast times of many times of episode 7! ! !

This work was a story of Luke! ! ! ! ! !

Well! ! ! Very cool! ! ! ! !

It is too strong like Cairo Ren! ! ! It was feeling! ! Just Legend! ! !

This was also flowing and it was too high! ! ! ! !

This is the main theme of Luke! ! ! ! Oooooooooooo! ! ! ! !

People’s smell like episodes 4, 5, 6 got out quite well, the feeling different from Jedi like 1, 2, 3 was the best!

In living on the island I was able to laugh with milk or fish scenes or plates too much (laugh)

In the scene to practice Ray, she seemed to be a teacher of Episode 5 Yoda who was expressive, dancing to her potential or breaking down with grass (laugh)

Is it similar to the master as well?

When I came out at the end of Episode 7, did he become an unbecca unbeccaed head? ! I thought, but I felt nostalgic with a glimpse of Luke Skywalker in the depths.

It was good when we met Chewbacca crying


It is a deep line that told me that he calls Han solo with his first name and he still believes that Han solo is supposed to come here as well and he does not know that he died in Episode 7

Is lonely, is not it?

Speaking of Mark · Hamill, you guys think it is a Luke, but recently it’s a trickster of a drama called “flash” if you are new. Also, the voice of the anime version of the Joker or the like and a lot of roles of the villan.

“Flash” It’s really funny, so it’s recommended.


Luke’s sin

Luke who felt the darkness sleeping in the depths of Cairo Ren hit his sleeping and tried to kill.

Actually, when I turned on the light saver it was filled with feelings of regret I quit, but it was already late, Ben solo became Cairo Len.

It is because Luke is a legendary one, since the admiration from Cairo Len became bigger than the disappointment of the disappointment, because it became able to bear the expectations of everyone, did it become a recluse?

Is it one of the reasons why I noticed that my mistakes have not changed from Jedi orders to date so far as a recluse?

As a result of thinking that raising a Jedi is correct As a result of Darth Vader from Obi One, it was the arrogance and hypocrisy itself of the Jedi Order that gave rise to the darkness of Cairo Len …

Still, from the conversation with the last yoda, I realized something about the Jedi and helped everyone …

It is interesting that the dozing stroke of Luke strikes perfectly the composition and the position when dozen cidiusus killed the doctor Darth · play gas is different, but it looks like exactly (laugh)


Friendship with R2-D2

R2-D2 | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

With R2-D2 for more than 30 years, he himself knows the young Anakin Skywalker It is an unusual relationship like an old man no longer (lol)

It will be angry if you are lost somewhere suddenly though it is Ruuk (laugh)


It was in the Falcon issue that we met again with R2 – D2. The face that I remembered at episode 4 was nice.

I guess they felt familiar with Ben Kenobi and Han Solo.

Originally I pledged I was not willing to raise a Jedi.

It was Luke enough to seal his own force, but it was best that it was not the cause of Force’s teaching or galaxy’s crisis or the like but the hologram issued by R2-D2 that changed his idea Right.


"Help me Obi = Wan Kenobi" 
"Sleepy R2"

Golden Dice

Make Your Own Luck With This DIY For Han Solo’s Dice | Geek and Sundry

The golden dice brought by Luke is the dice that appeared in episode 4.

Make Your Own Luck With This DIY For Han Solo’s Dice | Geek and Sundry

I think that surely Han solo was like a charm that triggered the Falcon issue.

Next year’s “Han Solo” will be screened … So … maybe it will come out! ! !



ルーク、レイア姫、ハン・ソロの3人がコミコンのスターウォーズ・パネルで32年ぶりに再会!| 海外芸能ニュース 最新映画情報やゴシップをお届け! 『やじラボ』

It was because he showed the bond of three people including Han solo that I handed to Leia.

Even if there was anything, it was felt that the three people were together forever.

I still love the threesome of the former trilogy work.


Yoda – Frank Oz’s appearance

Yoda! ! ! ! !

seriously! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yoda came out! ! ! ! ! ! !

Moreover, not the CG but the old trilogy puppet! ! ! ! ! ! !

Already! I will cry! ! ! too hot! ! ! ! too hot! ! ! ! Director ‘s the best! ! ! ! ! !

Yoda burned the Force tree that paid the oldest book about the Jedi.

I thought that Luke was a waste at first, I was hesitant quite hesitant, but Yoda suddenly appeared and dropped the thunder and burned it.

Actually, Ray secretly brought back the book, but … (lol)

“Such things are boring”

Throw away the teachings of the Jedi you have ever built.

So the scene admonished by Yoda was good.

The scene where the head is crushed by the cane also reminds me of the former trilogy.

Oh, is it really a farewell from Luke …


What I want to pay attention to! ! !

Luke was studying on a planet Yoda had in Episode 5.

At that time a pinch comes to Han Solo and Leia and Luke tries to go to help.

But Yoda has a scene that “You are still immature” to hold back Luke.

However, when I came out this time, it was “a young Jedi”, but on the contrary there was an atmosphere to admonister to go for help.

I remembered each other at the time of episode 5.

Is it that the old teachings should not be important and should be the hope of the people with the Jedi?

Is it that Luke was acknowledged by changing from a learning position to a teaching position?

I think that this interaction with Yoda is an important scene that it escapes from the teachings of the old Jedi and that it was detached in the past but this time it is different.


The last of Luke

Luke who ran out of force.

The last sight was completely following the episode 4 … crying

I wonder if Luke himself remembered this ….

That was what Leia said.

Hope is the sun.

Luke felt it, defended the hope of Ray and Resistance, interpreted that he saw the sun and was relieved.

It was the best Luke Skywalker.


Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa

There was a scene called “Hairstyle changed” at the reunion with Luke.

That is because he told Han Solo at episode 7.

~ ~ ~ Fine production.

She was playing a powerful woman as commander of resistance.

I felt quite fond of expecting while worrying about the personality that does not respect Poe’s danger.



The ship is destroyed at the beginning and thrown to space, but thrown out of surprise that floating in space with force of force! !

I think that there are both pros and cons for Bukkonairo (laugh)

But I think that this scene is necessary.

Because I show her the power of her force here, I think that the audience are still blood lines.

But Rey’s parents turned out to be just an ordinary person. I think that it was told strongly thanks to this scene that the blood line is irrelevant.


Admiral Akbar

ギアル・アクバー | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Admiral Akbar who was also active in the former trilogy has died in this work …



Leia’s survival

I thought that Princess Leia would die as a character in this work but no way … No survival …

It does not seem to appear in episode 9!

Well, what is going on ….


Carrie Fisher

雨に唄えば – Wikipedia

By the way, when speaking Carey Fisher, it was a familiar actress for himself, whether he was a guest in the drama “Big Bang Theory”, or a daughter of a heroine of “Singing in the Rain” It is very regrettable.

I am sorry for your loss.

Even with the last credit, I was glad that I was touched very carefully by Leia.


Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

Face and scratches are attached to Ray at episode 7, are not they?

Episode 7 killed Han solo so it was upsetting and seems to have lost to the novice Ray (laugh)

You also got a glimpse of pilot technology from Anakin and Han Solo.

It was said to Snork that you are not anakin but han solo (lol)


Rebellion against Snork

No way to be rebellious among the throne …

You killed Snook with a light saver that you manipulated with Force. One, Tsuyoshi (?)

The fight with Elite · Pretorian · Guard showed a good combination with Ray.


I wonder why he tried to rebel because he tried to create a new third party that is not a light side but a light side and a dark side all trying to return to nothing.

However, Rey declined himself and became a new top leader.

Have you perceived that nothing has changed essentially just as the teacher changed when I was learning under Luke now?

And I felt something with Ray, but was it laughing when I knew that it was Snork’s conspiracy?

I was suffering from light side or dark side all the time from episode 7. I might have thought about choosing the third power that denies all the rebel armies vs first order / Imperial troops altogether.

However! ! !

Although it might be just a director, at the end of this work we looked at each other by the power of Ray and Force who ride the Falcon issue. Is it an implication that they must communicate with each other because they communicated without intervention of snooks?


To the New Supreme Leader








Daisy Ridley as Rey

It is the impression that I was in the interval of the Force, such as interfering with the dark side, going on the planet Okuto where Luke was, or interfering with the light side.

But believing in Cairo Ren in the direction of one and believing that someday it will come back to the light side is probably the first time in Star Wars. It seems like Naruto and Sasuke when it is a cartoon.

After killing Snoke, refusing the invitation from Cairo Len, you should have died of him, but you can see what I believe also from overlooking him who fainted.



Her parents were common people!

She seems to have been thrown away by the planet Jacu instead of liquor debt!


The last Jedi

The last Jedi that is also the title of this work.

It was about Luke Skywalker, and yet it was Ray who became a Jedi just before his death.

As mentioned earlier, Ray did not have any special blood line or birth.

I think that it is a hope that anyone can possibly become a Jedi.

She was stealing old Jedi books.

With that book you can probably restore the traditional Jedi order.

But as Yoda said, I can throw away such things and redefine the Jedi so I’m looking forward to her trend in the future.


Light saver

Anakin ‘s blue light saber broke into two.

Is that also an indication of something?

~ ~.

It has broken.

Perhaps the next work will have a new light saver.

What color it is ..

Green? purple? yellow? (Lol)


John Boyega as Finn 

I was injured if I thought well about episode 7.

That’s why I was sleeping (lol)

Try to escape from that ship suddenly! ! ! (Lol)

Was it a spy? It was not just a coward that was … (haha)

However, it was cool to go out as a warrior while casting into battle.

At the planet Cantonica where gambling was taking place, he was releasing creatures like horse called fuzzy with BB – 8 and others.

With this act, I realized that I changed the bad situation to a good situation, which is really small, so I guessed that I tried to make a special in Last Planet Krayito.

It was good that I was alive (lol) And I also made her (laugh)

It was a scene where light shone on a lot of dead resistance.


VSGwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma

Fuzzma’s armor bear! ! !

Like blasting or bouncing! ! !

The day before episode 7 says she seems to have liked the fins. That’s why I was upset so far (laugh)

I wanted the battle here to do more! (Lol)

Did she die? Is it?

It looks like the face will burn and reappear …



BB-8 | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Image which was constantly in touch with fin finned somehow.

Was cute…

In the battle of the first planet Tiker I was repairing the electronic panel with a boat of Poe (laugh)

That laugh was over there (lol)


Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico

ローズ・ティコ | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Heroine of this work! What?

No way that this girl is active so far …

When stopping the fighter ‘s zodiac, I thought that he died and seemed to cry.

It was nice to be alive.


 Go – Tyne – Van as Paige Tycho

ペイジ・ティコ | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Rose’s sister.

In the battle with the planet Tiker it was a bomber crew and heroic death was achieved.

That was really a good guy.

However, it interprets Poe as the death of a hero, while the leiers also trigger friction due to the difference in interpretation that living is important.


Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron

ポー・ダメロン | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The number has gone much more than Episode 7!

I was deeply inquired of the dangers of his personality and the mistakes of his youth.

Perhaps I think that I did not have to do a strategy to get on the enemy’s battleship in order to escape from tracking Hyperspace … but I think!

However! ! !

Thanks to this strategy I think that the development of the spirit of Fin and the encounter of the boy at the planet Cantonica were able to be made.

Although it is Confucian thought, I feel that the boy of Kantonica will become ‘spark’ in the future to save the galaxy thanks to this ‘edge’.

I will certainly become a leader who will learn the importance of living this time and will pull the resistance.


Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata

マズ・カナタ | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

She seems to be living more than 1000 years (laugh)

Old than Yoda!

In this work you gave me advice to Poe. I was able to laugh at that time fighting something (laugh)

She seems to have avoided the danger by reading the flow of the Force with the user of the Force.


Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke

It was killed by Cairo Ren!


According to the above article he seems to be an alien of the dark side that came from another galaxy! ! !

Eeeeeee! ! !

I thought it was a dozen play gas or Mace Wondo! ! ! (Lol)

Then what did he want to do is complete control of the galaxy?

for that reason

① Pretend that there is a bond between Ray and Cairo · Len.

② Let Ray find the place of the last Jedi called Luke.

③ Kill Ray and Luke and destroy the Jedi.

④ Make Cairo Len the strongest sys.

It seems they were trying to do things like that.

I was also fighting technique called Force · Lightning.

There is a doubt that Cairo Ren says “What you are trying to do is all round” while being killed.

Was it just a stupid thing or was it pretending to be dead like Luke …


The boy of planet Cantonica

A boy who met in the hut of planet Cantonica.

I was surprised to take the broom with a force in the last with a force! ! !

No way, it is a user of the Force …

You had a ring of resistance! ! !

To be oppressed by the employer and to be able to use the Force is like circumstances to Anakin Skywalker … what will happen?

I’m expecting episode 9.


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