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[MCU Discussion/Review] “Shang Chi” [Impressions, Easter Eggs]

In this article, I’ll be writing about the MCU movie Shang Chi, which was released on Friday, 09/03, with points of interest, discussion reviews, and even predictions for the future.

In this article, I will briefly write about my concerns and Easter eggs on my first viewing and discuss them.

Spoiler warning.

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What If各話レビュー


A new era has arrived.

That was the first origin story for MCU Phase 4! The previous origin stories of Iron Man and The Mighty Thor didn’t have the legacy of the past, so they were closed off to the world of that movie, but this movie felt very connected to the various previous movies like Wong, Abomination, Iron Man 3, and End Game! The story was easy to follow, flashy, funny! The story was easy to follow, flashy and fun! The Ten Rings themselves seem to have some secrets, and I’m looking forward to seeing more!

The organization wasn’t a single wall.

One thing that bothered me was that it would have been nice to see more of the brutality of the Ten Rings. I laughed at how easy it was to turn to the side of the mysterious village of Tha Lo.

Appearance of dark creatures, etc.

Probably one of the Diviants, the dark forces in Eternals, are the enemies that came out this time, but for those who don’t know that, there are many people who were confused by the sudden fantasy lol. I can’t wait to see the Eternals!


Shang Chi’s timeline

As you can see, it was a post Endgame story. Rumor has it that it’s almost the same as Spider-Man No Way Home (NWH), but I couldn’t tell.

During the mid-credits scene, I didn’t expect…

Who made the Ten Rings?

In the mid-credits scene, Wong came to see Shang-Chi and the others to tell them that the Ten Rings were giving off some kind of signal. Even Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner couldn’t figure out what kind of metal it was made of.

As I’ll explain later, this work has a race of dark demons that seem to have some connection with the Diviants of the Eternals (see below), so it’s possible that the Celestials created the Ten Rings.

Captain Marvel appears!

I didn’t think I’d be in Shan Chi, lol.

Hulk is human!

By the end of the end game, Bruce Banner was fused with the Hulk, but in the mid-credits scene, he appeared as Bruce Banner, albeit with a hanged arm!

Maybe the drama She-Hulk takes place before Shang-Chi, and in it, he becomes Bruce Banner! Also, since Abomination was cheerfully playing eighty-five with Mr. Wong, maybe the drama will tell us why he did it that way!

Post-credit scene

What a surprise, my sister Sherlyn became the leader of the Ten Rings without dismantling it! It’s interesting that there are so many new women in that organization! Maybe they stopped wearing hoods, but they looked like Widows to me.


There were two dragons in this movie! I’m a little skeptical about identifying the original comic characters of the dragons in this work, but here they are.

Finn van Hoof

The setting in the comic is as follows.

Fin Fang Foom is a Makluan, a shape-shifting alien being from the world of Kakaranthara (also known as Maklu IV) in the Maklu system of the Greater Magellanic Cloud. He resembles a somewhat anthropomorphic Chinese dragon. Foom and several other like-minded members of his race departed their peaceful homeworld centuries ago with the intention of conquering other planets. Landing on Earth in ancient China, the crew used their natural shape-shifting powers to mimic human form, intending to enter human society and bide their time before beginning their conquest. The navigator of the craft, Foom instead elected to serve as a “back-up” in case something went wrong, and was placed in a tomb and given a herb that would send him into a deep slumber, so that he might sleep while his crew entered man’s world.[9]

Since he is from outer space and the Finn van Hoof in the comics has several tails, the boss of this movie is definitely based on this character.

Great Protector Dragon and Madripur

I didn’t understand the setting in the comics of the dragon at the bottom of Ta Lo’s lake lol. I hope he’ll come to Shan Chi’s rescue in the future.

Also, speaking of Asia and dragons, there is a setting in the comics that Madripur in the drama “Falcon & Winter Soldier” is a town built on the head of a dragon (more on that below). So maybe I’ll do this dragon and Madripur crap in the future!


(I knew this from the previews.) I was surprised to see Mr. Wong getting along with the main villain of “The Incredible Hulk”, Abomination, lol. As mentioned above, I hope they reveal what he’s been up to in She-Hulk!

Are dark creatures connected to the Eternal?

The story of the Earth has been relatively realistic so far, but in this film, many imaginary creatures have appeared. The new creatures of darkness in this movie seem to have something to do with the Eternals’ villains, the Diviants.

The Hidden Past of Shan Chi

Shan Chi had a past where she took care of the enemy who killed her mother and ran away from the Ten Rings with her father because of her guilt. I think that this enemy might be the grandfather of Shan Chi’s best friend, Katie Chen, although this is not mentioned in the film. But if that’s true, he should have told her about it when he told her about his past of getting rid of his enemies, so I don’t think this setting is likely.

The Ten Rings and Iron Man’s Relationship

In fact, the Ten Rings themselves are in the scene of the terrorists who kidnapped Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie!

And in “Iron Man 3”, the chieftain and his organization appeared, though they were fake. So I was hoping that this movie would lightly touch on why they kidnapped Tony Stark in the first movie, but it didn’t. lol

Mandarin reappears

I was worried about the whereabouts of the jolly old man from Iron Man 3, but I didn’t realize that he had been captured by the Ten Rings and forced to play Macbeth. LOL. I’m glad he survived and got along with the headless creature Morris in the end.

EXTREMIS reappears

In Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian created this enhanced human called EXTREMIS, who was in the arena Golden Dagger! Also, when I looked back at Iron Man 3, I noticed that they used the essence of the Shan Chi style, such as the dragon on Killian’s skin.

Presence of Death Dealers

I was expecting some kind of assassin who definitely had his real face reconstructed into his mother’s face, but I was surprised to see that he died without anything special.

A creature from the mystical village of Tar Law.

There were lions, qilin, nine-tails, morris, dragons, and phoenix-like birds in Tar Ro. It would be nice to know more about the position of the Tar Ro in the MCU and the roots of these creatures.