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[MCU Discussion and Review] “What If?” [Impressions and Easter Eggs]

In this article, I will be writing about what to look out for in the fourth episode of the MCU drama What If, which was released on Wednesday, September 01, 2010, as well as a review of the discussion and predictions for the future.

In this article, I will briefly write about my concerns and Easter eggs on my first viewing and discuss them.

Spoiler warning.

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Recent Hobbies

I recently started taking pictures of various things as a hobby. The camera is a ZV-1, and I shoot in RAW and edit in Lightroom. This time I took pictures of Kamakura and other places.

Episode 4, “What If…? What if Doctor Strange lost his girlfriend instead of his hand?

Branching options

This time we’re going to look at what would happen if… What if Doctor Strange lost his girlfriend instead of his hand? That’s right. I didn’t think that losing a lover would cause the entire universe to collapse. 。。。。


Surprisingly, if I remember correctly, he is the first original character in What If? Here’s what the character looks like in the comics

O’Bengh is a character who

¥Little is known about the early life of the sorcerer one day known as Cagliostro, not even his real name (although it is speculated to have been O-Bengh).[1]

What is known is that he ruled over a kingdom in India sometime in the year 1000 A.D. During this time, Doctor Doom, who was time-traveling from the present era, was searching for a teacher in the arcane arts. Having gained the respect of Doom, O-Bengh taught Doom his magical secrets. Doom needed this knowledge for his latest attempt to free his mother from the nether-realms. In return, Doom gave O-Bengh a box of jewels that would enable the mage to buy the help and ingredients that he needed for his immortality elixir. O-Bengh was much impressed by Doom’s time-travelling abilities and never forgot them.[3] As part of his quest for eternal life, O-Bengh killed the immortal Egyptian wizard Al-Tothas and usurped his form.[1]

So in the original comic, Cagliostro = O-Ben. In the fourth episode, he denies it, so we don’t know what he said or did, but it seems like he could have been Cagliostro. It would be interesting to see if he appears in the second Doctor Strange movie in the future.

Acts of the Ancient One

I never thought that the Dark Dimension would allow two Doctor Strange’s to exist in the same universe lol.

Christine Everhart.

The announcer who was informing us that Christine had died in the bombing was Christine Everhart from Iron Man 1 and 2! I never thought she would reappear!

Numerous demons.

I wonder if the demons that the darkened Doctor Strange absorbed were based on the demons that have appeared in the comics?

The Last Jewel

At the end, Doctor Strange was the only one left alone in that universe in the area on the jewel. As I mentioned in my discussion, it’s interesting that in the trailer there was a scene where he was talking to Captain Carter.

After watching episode 4.

How to use the Time Stone

This is the first time you’ve used a time stone to travel through time. I think this is a pretty valuable setting disclosure. In the next section, I’ll explain the peculiarities of time travel by time stone.

Differences in time travel

There are three main types of MCU time travel that have been introduced so far.

  1. Time travel with Pym particles performed in the end game
  2. Time travel in the drama Loki
  3. Time travel using time stones in What If…? Time travel using the Time Stone in

In (1) and (2), even if you change the past, there is no problem because TVA has corrected it. In addition, it seems that if you change the past, it doesn’t affect the time you were originally in because it branches off from there. In other words, if I’m not mistaken, I thought that time travel in the MCU meant that even if you save someone who was supposed to die in the past, another timeline will appear in which the person is still alive.

However, as for point 3), if the past is changed, Doctor Strange will not become the Sorcerer Supreme, and as a result, time travel using the Time Stone will not be possible, resulting in a contradiction (the so-called Grandfather Killing Paradox), and the universe will collapse. In fact, it did collapse in episode 4.

Therefore, I believe that time travel using the time stone will enable time travel in the true sense of changing the original time axis itself. The caveat is that changing the absolute point would cause the universe to collapse.

Hopefully these differences will be revealed in the future.

What If…? is set in emptiness.

From the what if previews, it looks like the remaining five episodes will be about Gamora in Thanos’ armor, Ultron in Vision’s body, Killmonger in Justice, and zombies. And while all of the worlds are considered to be in different timelines, the previews show that some of the characters from the previous episodes have reappeared, including T’Challa’s version of Star-Lord, Gamora in Thanos’ armor, and Captain Carter talking to the Dark Doctor Strange.

Therefore, it is likely that in the final episode 9 of What if, they will all gather in the void that appeared in Loki. And if the rumors of Captain Carter in Doctor Strange 2 are true, then Captain Carter may wander into the last sacred timeline!