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[Discussion, review] “Spider-Man: Far From Home” [Impressions, Trivia]

Attention: Write down your thoughts, forecasts, etc. In addition, there is a spoilage about former MCU.

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It was funny! ! ! ! ! ! I’m sorry I missed the forecast lol. Mysterio, in particular, was still the enemy, but it was good not to be Peter’s trauma (crying)

In a post credit, Spider-Man has killed Misterio for his personal desire, and it has even barred to be Peter Parker. What happened to the third work ?! ! I will expect in the second half! I think that this time I was killed by Mysterio because of Mysterio’s last harassment. It was a pretty good enemy, and the actor Jake Dillenhall was the best, so I want you to re-perform personally (crying)

And J.Jona Jameson (JJJ) comes up! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

What’s also played is J · K · Simmons, who was a part in the old Spider-Man series! ! ! !

This is good! ! ! It is really the best casting! ! ! ! The reason for this is that Sony has all the Spider-Man imaging copyrights. Appreciation … It is super expectation how to get involved in the third work! ! ! !

The settings for the villains were good too! Like homecoming, in people who are upset to Tony … LOL. Marvell is always amazed that people who came out in the past will be alive here! !

Peter Parker was good to go well with MJ! MJ cute. After Betty! ! It was too cute! ! Ned is jealous! Lol. But it was interesting to be the lover who looked at it! Let’s get along again

It was expected that the school grade would be complicated because there were people who had been out for five years. I also laughed for calling “Spider Sense” “Musume”.

You didn’t want to follow Stark Industries. But I felt like I could use my company’s technology more and more

The face of Happy when Peter is happily developing a suit! (Crying) It was nice to see Tony’s judgment was correct, as he saw the appearance of his late friend Tony, who died (crying)


If only multiverse itself is a lie, then ….

This is quite a surprise. Because, in interviews etc., will multiverse be implemented in MCU and realize spider berth? ! There was an article of Toka

Did Sony know this? ? It is very disappointing that multiverse is not introduced to MCU by this (crying) Please realize multiverse by all means!


It was Jake Gyllenhall who played!

In the case of comics, it is a small character that steals by exploiting special effects used in movies.

After all it was a villain!

And you were the developer of BARF that came out to Civil War! !

No, not even a magician, I did miserious mischief with the initial comic setting VFX! !

The battle scene was really cool! It feels like a movie called Inception that I don’t know which one is real! ! It is very sad to have died this time … Jake was still a great actor. I’ll buy it if it comes out

Post credit scene

How Mysterio dies

  1. Spiderman caused the incident and killed Misterio to prove that he was the successor to Ironman
  2. The true identity of Spider-Man is Peter Parker

Having left the above two in the film, a member of Mysterio sent the image to the Daily Bugle, and it was broadcasted throughout New York.

Daily Bugle and JJJ

Speaking of a daily bugle, it is a part-time job of Peter if it is a comic. And it is also a company that has J.Jona Jameson (JJJ). The comic setting of JJJ is below.

She is the publisher of New York’s tabloid newspaper “Daily Bugle” and looks at Spider-Man.
He is always a bad-hearted, selfish man, but he must be a lovable addict.
Because the initials are J3, it is also called JJJ.
As a journalist he has his own conviction. I write articles so much that I hate Spider-Man and often write an apology after the truth is discovered.
The hatred of Spider-Man is not only attacking in newspaper articles, but is sometimes trying to defeat Spider-Man by knocking out villains and heroes, or attacking with his own spider slayer (robot) or powered suit.
My father, John Jonah Jameson, is a common-sense person on the contrary.
His son John Jonah Jameson III is an Air Force Colonel. He has also battled Spider-Man with super power.
It finally became the mayor of New York City with the “Amazing Spider-Man # 591” in 2009.
However, he was forced to resign and then hired by an online news company called Fact Channel.

Aren’t many people remember him in the old Spider-Man? I am very happy to play MCU version JJJ is J · K · Simmons! It is really the best (crying)

Credit scene

Nick Fury of this work and Maria Hill how Taros and his wife haha

Since the person in question was on a Scull ship, he would be on a big task. For the time being, it was good that the Taros were doing well! ! So this time Fury was a bit silly!

Next work

Join the Eternals?

I can hardly write anything because I am not familiar with Eternals at all, but the universe is like a stage. So why do you get involved with Fury, Captain Marvel, Scull or As Guardians?

Mephisto appeared

It is a comic villa called a ghost rider. He who is a demon is, in fact, intimately connected with Spider-Man.

It was drawn in the comic Spider-Man: One More Day. The outline of the story looks like this.

  1. Peter agrees to the Hero Registration Act in Civil War
  2. Peter announces himself that he is a spiderman
  3. Because of that, Aunt May is shot by Villain and becomes heavy.
  4. Various heroes and villains are refused asking for treatment of Aunt Mai
  5. Meet the redhead girl with a sorrow Peter walking
  6. Telling Peter that the girl is a demon mephist and that she is the only one who can help Aunt May
  7. Mephisto urges “to make the marriage between Peter and MJ not a must” as a price to help
  8. Peter and MJ deal with the troubled end of the deal
  9. Aunt May is saved.
  10. Just before the world transformation, Mephisto reveals to her two red-haired girls that they are going to be born in the future and their daughters who can never exist anymore

This girl’s true identity is sad to be a daughter who is not born … Details are in the URL below.

My prediction is that in the MCU version of Spider-Man, based on this one more day, I think that Peter may ask the mefist for this true identity. Is the compensation for having been with MJ?

And Mephisto itself is not yet in the MCU. So I think that maybe it will come out in Dr. Strange 2 … and so on.

Also, since all the MCUs are connected, in the future MCUs, you may come in touch with the Spider Man’s identity and the noise this time.

Sinister Six….

A six-member villain team in which Spider-Man enemies have gathered since 1964.
It has been organized while changing members several times so far.
There are also derived teams such as Sinister Seven and Sinister Twelve.

When will Sinistar Six together come out (crying)

Maybe I can not … ? In the rumor I heard that there is a person who plays the role of Valcher in this film, but it did not appear ….

Scorpion, a member of Sinister Six in the comics, was originally created by JJJ, so it is hoped that the third version of the MCU version of Spider-Man will be ….